Sinful Sunday: The proper way to behave…

‘Then she lay on her back and gazed at the cloudless sky. Mr. Beebe, whose opinion of her rose daily, whispered to his niece that that was the proper way to behave.’
E.M. Forster, A Room with a View

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Sinful Sunday

57 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: The proper way to behave…

  1. The literary references do compliment the photograph, by that I mean they’re not the obvious lol that I’d use… you understand! 🙂 btw you are blessed with a fabulous gorgeous body.

    (I should have opened comments I know, but I’m followed my a lovely middle aged lady blogger, we email each other twice a week (she’s in the USA) she’s lovely a supreme romantic and I don’t think she likes me selling myself to the devil……… then again maybe I give her ‘tingles’?)

      1. I will be in touch…. will probably next year now but we will totally sort something out. Would you be OK with coming out with me on one of my walks?


  2. Oh Livvy, you are so incredibly beautiful and your photographic eye is perfection. This should absolutely be on a gallery wall. The composition and the lighting and the way you’ve framed yourself nose to knee, it’s all so perfect. I look forward to your pictures every week!

  3. You have a gorgeous body! Lovely skin. I really love the first photo with your nipple peeping out! Very sensual and erotic!


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