Sinful Sunday: 36/40…

‘I take pleasure in my transformations. I look quiet and consistent, but few know how many women there are in me.’
Anais Nin

This month’s prompt is Transmogrify – to transform in a surprising or magical manner!

Well, I have been transforming in a surprising manner over the past few months so this prompt could have been made especially for me.

So here is the transformation of an image from almost exactly 3 years ago on November 8th 2015 to my current 36 week pregnant shape…

Magical indeed!

A combination of two images overlayed on each other - my 36 week pregnant breasts and belly in profile with my hands on my lower back make up the higher photo with an old photo of me lying on my back from 3 years ago when I was not pregnant and had a slimmer, smaller breasted shape!

Press the kiss to see this week’s other transformations…

Sinful Sunday

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