February 6th: Altered behaviour…

‘To change any behaviour we have to slow down and act intentionally rather than from habit and impulse.’
Henna Inam, Wired for Authenticity: Seven Practices to Inspire, Adapt, & Lead

For Throwback Thursday this year, I’ve decided to look back at my most popular images from 2015-2018, the first 4 years that I took part in Sinful Sunday and shared erotic images (2019 wasn’t a full blogging year so I’m skipping it in this review). Some weeks I’m not using the number 1 most popular image as I’ve thrown it back on a Thursday before, but they’re definitely top 5!

Altered behaviour - an image of me lying naked on a bed, seen from the side

Today’s photo was originally taken in November 2015 and was called ‘The Proper Way to Behave.‘ It’s one of my favourite photos ever but I do like this more focussed edit.

A proper way to behave

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