This is not a real night shift…

Sad but true…sex is not as rife in hospitals as medical dramas would have you believe! It is only one of many inaccuracies, and perhaps less serious than the factual errors, but still remains frustrating. So I’m left to imagine illicit liaisons instead…

He pushed her backwards into the cupboard with such force that she soon felt the shelves slam into her back. His kisses bruised her mouth and when she parted her lips, he pushed his tongue deep inside, causing her to groan with need.

This was what she had wanted since she first heard his voice over the phone. He had growled out such an arrogant referral that she had initially mistaken the increase in her pulse and the flutter in her stomach for anger. It was only when he’d laughed at her biting retort, apologised and promised to make it up to her that she recognised the beginnings of desire curling inside her. She remembered how good he looked in his scrubs, the top revealing strong, defined arms while the bottoms hung impossibly from his hips, giving a view of his hard, flat stomach whenever he stretched upwards.

‘You can make it up to me by actually doing your job properly!’

He laughed again. ‘OK, OK…but I must admit, I had something a bit different in mind’

As he hung up, she could hear the laughter in his voice and smiled despite herself. Maybe this night shift would be more interesting than most…

The hours flew by as the work piled up. Pneumonia, heart failure, chest pain, collapse ?cause…she didn’t have time even to sit down, but the constant pressure was strangely satisfying as always. She was in control and nothing could fluster her now.

And then she saw him. She was walking along the long dark corridor, amusing herself with delusions of grandeur as the motion sensitive lights switched on to light her path, when she noticed the lights were turning on at the other end. Someone was walking towards her. Her breath caught as she recognised his silhouette and confident swagger. Her heart started beating harder and the almost forgotten need for him struck her again.

He stopped in front of her, staring deep into her eyes as if he knew what she was thinking.

‘Fancy meeting you here.’ A lazy grin spread across his face and he took a step towards her.

Her mouth was dry and she suddenly didn’t know what to do with her hands. All she could think about was how she wanted to feel him on her skin and taste what was hidden beneath his clothes.

He moved closer still until they were practically touching, seeming to give her the chance to step back if she wanted. When she didn’t move, he leaned in towards her, brushing his hands down her arms and causing her to shiver.

‘Do you know how long I’ve wanted you?’ She stopped breathing. ‘I’ve seen you looking at me…don’t tell me you don’t want it too. I’m going to…’

Not waiting for him to finish, she closed the gap between them, violently kissing him and pressing herself hard against his body. Without needing to be asked twice, he pushed her backwards into the supply cupboard a few steps further up the corridor.

Hands desperately clutched at her clothes as her shirt was wrenched over her head, scattering ID badges and stethoscopes on the floor. With one hand, he held her arms high above her head and roughly pulled down her bra with the other. She was trapped firmly against the shelving and squirmed beneath his grasp as his mouth teased her nipples. He brushed her soaked knickers aside as his fingers delved inside her, groaning out loud when he discovered how wet and ready she was. She grabbed the front of his trousers, yanking them down and allowing his cock to spring free.

Starting slowly at first, he pushed his cock inside her and she responded by rocking her hips in time with his movements, clutching at him to force him deeper. Knowing they couldn’t have much time, he thrust harder and harder, faster and faster.

Reaching down, she began to circle of her finger against her clit. The insistent pressure and deep penetration were almost more than she could take and she soon felt all of her muscles tighten around him, crying aloud as her orgasm flooded through her. As she struggled to find her breath again and he continued to move in her, the shrill scream of the cardiac arrest bleep broke through and brought her crashing back to reality.

‘Cardiac arrest…ward seven. Cardiac arrest…ward seven.’

He was pounding hard against her, not hearing the call. Groaning with frustration, she pushed him back and away from her.

‘Fuck, this is bad timing but I’ve got to go!’ She pulled her underwear back into place and hastily redressed, scrapping her hair back into a tidier ponytail and praying that the rest of the team would believe her flushed face was due to the run to the ward.

‘You can’t…you can’t leave…I haven’t come yet!’ He was standing with his scrub bottoms around his ankles, his cock erect and glistening. The pleading look in his eyes and the delicious twitching of his cock almost broke her resolve. She started moving to drop to her knees and take him into her mouth, knowing that he would soon come when his cock was scraping the back of her throat…

‘Cardiac arrest…ward seven. Cardiac arrest…ward seven.’

Laughter erupted from within her as she suddenly wondered if this was why they always put the call out twice. She’d assumed it was to ensure it had been heard correctly but maybe there were more selfish reasons to be reminded.

‘Sorry,’ she grinned wickedly, ‘I guess you’ll have to take it from here.’

And she ran, not daring to look back as the door swung closed and cut off his wail of protest and anguish…

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