Sinful Sunday: If I had a dick for a day…

‘It was like a cool mouth had stretched my clitoris like a piece of saltwater taffy and swallowed it whole…I proceeded to treat myself to the best hand job I’ve ever given. The sensations were so subtle . So drawn out, with so much extra space. Like being fucked gently with no direct clitoral stimulation, except more tactile, more real.’
Lilian Douglas, Sensate Silicone; from The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica

What would I do if I had a dick for a day? Or perhaps, more accurately, what would I do first if I had a dick for a day?

If I had a dick for a day...a photo of me holding a photo of a cock in front of my groin

I’d want to give myself a handjob and wank like I’ve never wanked before. Pulling and stretching, feeling sensations beyond my regular female body. Longer, harder, slicker.

I’d want to find someone to fuck; to penetrate rather than be penetrated. To feel the soft, tightness of cunt or arse around my new cock, squeezing me and pulling me in deeper.

I’d want to walk around and feel the difference in my stride when I’m packing such an impressive cock. Will I swagger with new confidence? Will I become shy of my unfamiliar bulge?

Whatever I choose, I think I’d have fun with a dick for a day…

If I had a dick for a day...another photo of me holding a photo of a cock in front of my groin

(And the best part of this experiment? I now have some great photos framed and on display by my bed!)

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Sinful Sunday

26 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: If I had a dick for a day…

  1. Livvy, you have absolutely excelled yourself with these. The placement, the contrast, the colour splash and the juxtaposition of your obviously feminine frame and the male genitals is utterly fantastic


  2. This post reminded me of one I wrote about if I was a man for the day.

    Your image is wonderful – the colour to black and white contrast really brings the sexy heat to the whole thing. So damn good.

  3. This is wonderful, such a clever shot which actually plays with your mind a little. And if I had a dick for the day, I don’t think I’d ever leave the house!

  4. This is hands down my favourite image of the week! I want it framed on a wall. Its so so good and the real subtle thing you did that makes me love the image more is how to have tried to angle and line your hand and arm with the image for it to almost become one. Love love love

  5. I love that image: very sexy! As a cock-owner, I can confirm that those are all good things to do with a penis.

    (If I had a cunt for the day, I’d be doing more or less the same. It’s kind of a tragedy that we can never _quite_ know what sex feels like, for the opposite sex.)

    Beautiful shot!

  6. I made a list once with a friend as a joke. I would do all of the above but I also made a funny list. I would play helicopter, see how many donuts fit around it at once, play ring toss, etc. We laughed for an hour doing it. We were both trying to get through work. lol

    Very nice older post!

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