Lunch break…

Shielding my eyes briefly from the glare that shines through the train window, I try to ignore the persistent tingle of anticipation that has started burning under my skin and curling slowly into my gut. The heat from the summer sun is turning the carriage into a sauna, but I’m pretty certain that I’m feeling hot and flustered for other reasons.

This was a long way to go for lunch, but the stress in your voice had been so obvious when we had spoken earlier that I couldn’t ignore it. My call to ask if your sister was still a vegetarian had descended into complaints about missed deadlines and incompetent colleagues, and it became quite clear that you needed a distraction. Luckily, there was a gap in your schedule and you had been easily persuaded to join me for a burger at the pub on the corner.

Smiling to myself, I catch the eye of a stranger across the carriage, who smiles back as if my elation were infectious. I love these brief meetings. Even though I now know almost everything about you, how to read your mood, how to mix your favourite drink, how to make your body beg for more, these fleeting visits remind me of our first dates, when everything was new and unsure. I am somehow nervous and this excites me all over again.

After calling you, I had spent a long time dressing, my hands wandering through the soft clothes in my wardrobe. Silk blouses and cotton shirts gave way to linen dresses and pencil skirts, before my finger tips came to rest against a yellow sundress that it had not yet been sunny enough to wear. Perfect! The bright fabric clung in a way that flattered my figure and made me feel beautiful, and I knew you liked how I looked in it.

The train jolted to a stop as it pulls into the station, catching me off guard as I continue to daydream, and I skip down onto the platform. This really is what days off are made for!


‘No, absolutely not!’ 

I know I am being irrational, but the disappointment is crushing.

‘You could at least have called or given me some notice – I’ve trekked all the way here!’

‘I know, I know…but I didn’t have the time to stop to call you, let alone think about leaving the office for lunch. You have no idea of the disaster that is brewing in there. It’s a nightmare!’

You look defeated. The strain is etched across your face and you scrape your hands back through your hair in a gesture that breaks my heart a little. Cracks start appearing in my anger and I can feel myself relaxing in sympathy.

‘Can you not even spare 15 minutes?’

I reach out to touch your shoulder, trying to massage out some of the tension with this slight contact.

‘That’s surely enough time to eat!’

At my touch, you look up and for the first time since I arrived, you look into my eyes. There is a gleam there that I had not noticed before and it lights a fire within me. An eager grin flashes across your face, knocking all the breath out of my body.

‘There’s certainly something we can do in 15 minutes,’ you mutter, grabbing my hand, pulling me back towards the toilet cubicle outside your office.

As you propel me forward, I barely have time to take in the large mirror and sleek fittings, incongruously marvelling at the elegant decoration, before I am slammed against the sink unit in the corner of the stall. Hearing the door lock behind me, I turn and found myself caught up in your arms. Covering my face with kisses, your tongue delves deep into my mouth while your fingers grip and pull at the delicate fabric of my dress. I can taste your hunger and the heat of your need for release.

Grasping me firmly around the waist, your fingers dig into my flesh as you lift me up onto the sink and, forcing my legs apart, push my knickers aside. I can hear your breath catch as you discover just how wet I already am, the silky moisture allowing you to easily slip one and then two fingers inside. I can barely stifle a moan as you tease my drenched cunt, my body responding almost involuntarily to your touch. You are relentless, fucking me harder with your fingers and then rubbing my clit with your thumb. My body starts to shudder as the pressure builds and I tilt my hips towards you, trying to satisfy my greed. Pulling first at the front of my dress and then the bra beneath, you reveal my aching breasts, and I cannot help but flex towards you, lifting them up towards your waiting mouth. The sharp, exquisite pain as you bite my nipple pushes me over the edge and, as my body spasms under the power of my orgasm, I taste blood and realise that I’ve bitten my lip in a futile attempt to stay quiet.

‘If you’re going to make that kind of noise,’ you say softly, your face pressed into my hair as I continue to quiver and shake, ‘I’m going to have to think of another way to silence you.’

Stepping back, you pulled my legs towards you and I fall, crashing onto the floor. Scrambling to my knees, I crawl towards you, my fingers fumbling in their haste to undo your belt. I can see the broad outline of your cock tempting me through your suit trousers and it quickly springs free as I wrench your trousers down. Needing to feel your cock inside me somewhere, anywhere, I quickly take you into my mouth, running my tongue along the length of your shaft and around the head as you slide deeper. Seizing my hair, you take control of my movements, thrusting faster and deeper into my throat until I am choking and struggling for breath, but your grunts of pleasure as I swallow your length encourage me to take more and more.

Slowing down, you turn my head slightly so that I could see myself in the mirror, on my knees with your cock pushed all the way into my mouth. My face is a mess, mascara streaking my cheeks and saliva running out from between my lips. Despite being on the floor with you standing in control over me, I feel powerful, and I can feel you growing in my throat as you watch me watching us. Your knees buckle as I grip the base of your cock, moving my hands in partnership with my mouth and tightening my throat as I swallow again and again. You change your grip on my hair so more of my face is visible, and I catch your eye in your reflection. Desire lances through me again and your rasping, uneven breaths suggest that you’re close too. My eyes widen in delight as you shoot salty come into the back of my throat, groaning as I suck you dry.

Panting and leaning back against the wall, you pull me to my feet. I am dizzy and unsteady, but you hold me close, murmuring endearments into my ear until I can stand again. With a final affectionate kiss of my cheek, you rush back to your office and the chaos that you left behind.

I take my time tidying myself up and wait until I look less flushed and more presentable before I leave. As I walk back towards the station, a text message comes through.

‘Now that’s the kind of lunch break I will *always* have time for!’

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