February 8th: Profile…

‘I thought about the word ‘profile’ and what a weird double meaning it had. We say we’re looking at a person’s profile online, or say a newspaper is writing a profile on someone, and we assume it’s the whole them we’re seeing. But when a photographer takes a picture of a profile, you’re only seeing half the face… It’s never the way you would remember seeing them.’
David Levithan, Every You, Every Me

My breast in profile

Click the button to see the other photographers doing Feb Photo Fest this year. My photos from this year are here or check out previous years in the Feb Photo Fest category…

February Photofest
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Sinful Sunday: 21/40…

‘Support and encouragement are found in the most unlikely places.’ – Raquel Cepeda As incongruous as it may seem in this wonderful, ridiculous heatwave, I am still wearing tights to work. And this week, I have discovered maternity tights! They are so unbelievably comfortable and supportive, I may never go back… Press the kiss to […]

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