February 13th: Look…

‘It’s amazing what you can see when you just sit quietly and look.’
– Jacqueline Kelly, The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

I can feel him looking at me. He’s been very quiet, very still, but I still know he’s there. Maybe there was a quiet gasp or the scratch of his foot moving slightly on the floor, but the reaction of my body confirms his gaze. Goosebumps crackle across my skin and my breath catches in my throat.

He knows he can watch me like this but he doesn’t always come down. It adds a frisson, a charge; I prickle with desire at the possibility of his arrival even if he never shows.

But I know he’s here now. I love that he’s watching. I imagine what he can see, how I look, how I look through his eyes.

And this time, he shows me…

A photo taken through our bedroom door, showing me lying naked on our bed with one hand stroking my stomach and the other touching my clit

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EuphOff 2018: Doctor, doctor…

‘Oh doctor, I’m in trouble Well, goodness gracious me! For every time a certain man Is standing next to me Mmm? A flush comes to my face And my pulse begins to race’ – Goodness Gracious Me ‘Doctor, I’m having terrible palpitations! My heart is all a-flutter and it pounds in my chest like I […]

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February 17th: Magic hands…

‘His hands are miracles. I can watch them for hours, transforming wood into something it never dreamed of being.’
– Katja Millay, The Sea of Tranquility

Some days are really good.

Days when I get sent pictures of happy cats receiving indulgent snuggles. Or other days when I’m instructed to watch EA wank, watch his hands on his cock and watch his face as he touches himself. On very good days, I’ll take a photo, to send to him for a blog post or to show him exactly what I’m thinking about.

And some days, both of these wonderful things align to reveal the magic of those strong hands; some days are perfect!

Magic hands

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Libraries gave us power…

‘A story was a form of telepathy. By means of inking symbols onto a page, she was able to send thoughts and feelings from her mind to her reader’s. It was a magical process, so commonplace that no one stopped to wonder at it.’ – Ian McEwan, Atonement The student library has an impossibly deep […]

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A wank a day…

‘I feel a little more than emptyBut I wanna feel more than fullIt’s a pity all I haveIs just enough to keep you satisfied’– Natalie Imbruglia, Satisfied I’m going to start with a short science history lesson – you may come here for the sex but I’m always going to sneak in some geekery if […]

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A little bit more…

'Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.'– Mick Jagger I have a confession; I like to touch myself after sex. While my body and cunt are still slick and hot and swollen, I like to run my fingers over them to feel what we have done; to feel the traces that our fucking has left on […]

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February 14th: A gift…

‘A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as you expect.’
Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Is this a gift for me, or a gift for him?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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