February 1st: Look at me…

‘You made me feel like the one…
So take a look at me now’
Stereophonics, Dakota

It’s the first of February. The shortest month but among my favourites among the sex blogging community because of Feb Photo Fest – a month long erotic and sensual photo extravaganza that I have admired from afar for as long as I’ve been aware of it. I was in awe of the beautiful images, the variety, the fearlessness and, as I struggle to fit the infrequent posts that I do complete around the rest of my life, I became more and more impressed with the organisation needed to post that regularly!

I just love how this project celebrates sensual and erotic photography. Taking these photos has become such an important part of my sexuality and how I can express my exhibitionist self. Perhaps my real self. Certainly every part of me. It may remain the part of my online life that I am most afraid of my family discovering as they are too small-C-conservative to get over the fact that I am naked *gasp* on the internet *swoons in horror,* but I can confidently say that this simple fact has made me who I am today. Through them I discovered that I could be beautiful and, more shocking to me, I could be sexy! And with the right filters and lighting, even parts of my body that I didn’t like so much before can be framed in a way that isn’t so bad after all. Through these images, I discovered how to share my desire and how insanely hot it can be to take filthy photos. Because of this, or maybe thanks to this, I have the badass confidence to do, well, anything!

But can I really manage another daily photo challenge?

Although I did post 366 images for last year’s daily photo challenge, I definitely struggled and bodged it a lot. I was rarely less than a day behind (and one time four days behind!!). I cannot tell you how often I would swear aloud at midnight because I’d forgotten my photo for that day or how few of them were posted before 10pm. It’s not just yearly blogging commitments that I find difficult to always stick with – I keep promising myself that I’ll do every Sinful Sunday in a x-month long period, or make sure I write something for every other Wicked Wednesday…but life keeps getting in the way. Work or family commitments or other things that are just too much fun to put off keep stealing my time.

And I’ve particularly neglected my blog this year. 2017 has been strange so far. On one hand, I am just so deliriously happy with everything in my personal life that I can’t stop dancing on the ceiling; on the other, my job, the country, and the world all seem to be steering straight to hell. It’s quite the juxtaposition…

Except that this makes this year the perfect year to stop admiring and join in. To celebrate beauty and desire and sex and sensation. To do it properly and post an image on each of the 28 days of February and really achieve something that could make me proud. And I’m really excited about it. I’ve planned ahead – these aren’t all going to be rushed out or caught up – so I hope you like them!

Welcome to February!

Look at me naked here for you

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Febraury Photofest
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