But what I can’t stop thinking about is how this has become almost a cautionary tale about female emotion and female anger, and how it is seen and interpreted.

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First trimester sex: Fatigue…

‘Pregnancy sucks the nightlife out of you.’ – Laurie Perez, The Power of Amie Martine Since deciding to document the sexuality of my pregnancy on this blog, I’d planned to write a blog post about sex during each of the different trimesters. Thankfully, the first trimester is over but, now that it’s time to write […]

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Consent to proceed…

‘Without ‘consent’ in any human interactions, there’s an ethical violation.’ – Henry Johnson Jr Being a sex blogger who is also a doctor can be quite an interesting place to have positioned myself. Although I’ve written a few posts about being a doctor, the crossover between my worlds has often felt a little contrived, almost […]

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New balls please…

‘Tennis taught me so many lessons in life.’ – Billie Jean King I’m a huge tennis fan, and I have been for years. I first went to Wimbledon in 2000 and have been every year since 2011. I rarely jump to anger as quickly as when someone tells me they don’t like Andy Murray because […]

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Baby making…

‘Do your duty as you see it, and damn the consequences.’ – George S. Patton Jr. It should be just a usual fuck. Nothing out of the ordinary; a usual, delicious and comforting early evening fuck. The sort of sex that is satisfying in its familiarity.  We know each other well enough to know which […]

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Who deserves sex?

‘Even if no salvation should come, I want to be worthy of it at every moment.’ – Franz Kafka I’ve realised that I’ve been a pretty poor sex blogger recently. I’ve not written much, I’ve not posted many photos and I’ve not really done much on Twitter except retweet and share cat photos (although that […]

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‘Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.’ – Rosa Luxemburg Feminism took some time to reveal itself to me. Being brought up in a white, middle class, Christian, conservative household, I was so protected by privilege that it took me surprisingly long to realise that feminism was still a fight that needed […]

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Yeah, actually…

CW: this is about non-consensual sex, coercion, rape and sexual assault so please take care of yourself if those are difficult subjects for you. I saw someone tweet something like “if what Aziz Ansari did was sexual assault then every woman I know has been sexually assaulted” and like yeah, actually. — Arnesa (@Rrrrnessa) January […]

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