SOSS: Smutathon 2018 Round-Up

‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’ – Helen Keller This time last weekend, eight sex bloggers woke up in an AirBnB in Cheshire to begin what became the quickest 12 hours of my life – Smutathon 2018!! During those 12 hours, the eight of us published 48 posts, wrote […]

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EuphOff 2018: Doctor, doctor…

‘Oh doctor, I’m in trouble Well, goodness gracious me! For every time a certain man Is standing next to me Mmm? A flush comes to my face And my pulse begins to race’ – Goodness Gracious Me ‘Doctor, I’m having terrible palpitations! My heart is all a-flutter and it pounds in my chest like I […]

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