EuphOff Guest Post: Holiday In…

I am SO excited to be hosting this incredible guest post EuphOff story from the fabulous Marsha Adams. Marsha is an extraordinary writer and has proven once again that the best writers write the best EuphOff stories! LOVE it!!

She opened the door in her reindeer onesie, her sugar plums peeking out from behind a gaping zip. “Thank god you made it! You’re a star. I’ve been so depressed in lockdown, I’m desperate for some hot eggnog!”

She’s an angel, so I unwrapped my candy cane faster than a toboggan ride down Swaine’s Lane. “Where do you want it, A-J? Bread sauce on your chestnuts, Santa’s YumNut in your mouth, or brandy cream on your plum pudding?”

She turned round, bent over, and opened the door in her reindeer onesie, revealing a freshly plucked turkey. “Let’s keep it traditional, Noel. Stuff me and baste me. Then after we’ve pa-rum-pa-pum-pummed I’ll give you a mince pie to keep you going. Carol, Holly and Ivy will be over later. They want to taste your Yule log.”

That news filled me with goodwill. “Ho, ho, ho! Those three crackers certainly know how to fill stockings.”

“Yeah, and if you slide down their chimneys that’ll put them on the naughty list,” she said. “You’ll have to go full Krampus on them. I’ll feel so much better if I can trim my tree while I watch you turn their bobbing robins red.”

* * *

Despite the Corona virus, it’s still a wonderful life. But I really shouldn’t be here. If I get busted for breaking quarantine I don’t think bad hidings to comfort Anne-Joy will be a viable defence, even at Christmas.

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