Sinful Sunday: Into the fire…

‘Keep a little fire burning; however small, however hidden.’

Cormac McCarthy, The Road

This week felt like an appropriate week to set fire to stuff.

Lockdown, the US election, and all sorts of other stresses meant that an evening outside in the fresh air, huddled around our fire pit was exactly what was needed. There’s something magical and cathartic about fire, and, for me, there’s something wonderfully healing about firelight and smoke. I love it!

And I hope you enjoy it too…

A black and white silhouette of my breast, outlined against fire of a fire pit

This weekend marks the 500th Sinful Sunday! I have been taking part since March 2015 and the photos I have shared have essentially catalogued my life since then – relationships, pregnancy, sexual exploration, and my changing relationship with my body. I cannot understate how much my life has changed because of this meme!

The prompt this month is to be our most fabulous photography selves and I can’t think of a better way that being naked by an outdoor fire!

Congratulations and thank you Molly for running such an inclusive and welcoming meme, and for providing a safe space for us all to explore!

And, as usual, click the kiss to see the other celebratory images shared on this milestone week…

Sinful Sunday

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