Sinful Sunday: Smutathon 2020…

‘Faith reveals the potential’

Toba Bita, Master of Stupidity

So if you follow me on Twitter, you’d have already seen these photos as part of a tease!!

This weekend is Smutathon 2020! Yesterday, an incredible group of people wrote and tweeted and raised money for Endometriosis UK, reaching an astonishing 94% of our fundraising target by this morning at nearly £3000!! I’m absolutely overwhelmed by how much support we received and by how generous everyone has been.

Now, before the 12 hour marathon started, I pledged to share some topless photos if we raised over £2000…

And clearly, we made that milestone!

But we became victims of our own success and managed to completely overwhelm the Smutathon web hosting service and, as I manage that site, it meant I couldn’t access my blog either…

So these reward photos are late, and not new having already been on Twitter, but I wanted to say thank you once again for supporting us. This thread explains some of the reasons why it’s so important:

Me, wearing my Smutathon 2020 t-shirt
Lifting my Smutathon 2020 t-shirt
No more Smutathon 2020 t-shirt, just a red lacy bra
My breast

Thank you so much!!

Sinful Sunday

PS – check out my previous Smutathon writing and photos here.

10 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Smutathon 2020…

  1. I don’t think I said this yesterday, but your tits are fucking spectacular. I feel I might have said *this* before, but where did you get that bra!? It was also so much fun writing with you yesterday – you’re awesome and I’m constantly inspired by your energy and enthusiasm and positivity.

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