Sinful Sunday: Elderflowers…

‘And besides, look at elderflowers and bluebells – they are a sign that pure creation takes place.’

D.H. Lawrence, Women in Love

Walks in the woods in spring and early summer are among my absolute favourite things. Bluebells, pale green shoots, and elderflowers!

So when we were having a socially distant walk with family earlier this week, I rushed up to smell the elderflowers for the first time in over a year, inhaling deeply and taking in the slightly sweet, fresh and organic aroma.

And it reminded me of something. Something delicious and important, but I couldn’t remember what it was.


Later, when I fell back against the bed, sweaty, sated, and covered in come, the memory of the smell came back to me. Fresh. Slightly sweet. Organic.

Elderflowers. His come smells of elderflowers.

A photo of my breast covered in come that smells like elderflowers

And of course, I had to go back and check that I was right… (I was!)

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Sinful Sunday

4 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Elderflowers…

  1. This is so brilliant. It’s been ages since anyone has come on me so I think I need to seek out elderflowers and see if their smell can help me revel in sexy memories. Though I’m curious if it’s only EA’s come that smells like elderflowers to you? So much flora-and-fucking research to be done…

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