Sinful Sunday: PPE…

‘I guess what scares me the most now is the thought that I won’t be able to protect you’

Julia Hoban, Willow

I’m going to start with a disclaimer: all of this PPE (personal protective equipment) in this photo are items that I had been using during my shift at work. Nothing was wasted to take it!

I’m also in a very fortunate position that my current hospital has managed its PPE supplies very well during this coronavirus pandemic and has always had adequate equipment to meet the PHE recommendations.

But as I mentioned in my post about not wanting to be called a hero, the real question is whether their recommendations are enough. Are standard surgical masks and plastic aprons really enough to protect me from an airborne virus? I have to trust that they are.

Not everyone is in as fortunate a position as me and do not have the luxury of questioning the official advice as they are struggling to provide even this minimal level of protection. It’s not good enough. No amount of clapping or blue post boxes will make up for the fact that too many NHS workers and my colleagues working in social care settings have been let down by this government and exposed to unacceptable levels of risk.

And ever since I read about the German doctors who posed naked to protest the lack of PPE available to them while managing patients with COVID 19, I wanted to take this photo. In my flimsy apron and mask; trusting that these thin layers of plastic will protect me.

Do you think they’re enough? As the only suit of armour offered to me in this battle, do you think it is enough to protect me?

A photo of me, naked except for surgical gloves, plastic apron and surgical mask - all the PPE offered to me

I haven’t followed the ‘unedited’ prompt for this week but do click the link to see what other raw, unedited photos are shared this week…

Sinful Sunday

10 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: PPE…

  1. What a statement! I doubt you’ll be clearing wards if you look that good – everyone will want to stay!
    I think you probably need at least an FFP3 mask and goggles too…. but I’d happily enjoy you in this outfit anytime.
    Missy x
    (Ps I don’t have a medical kink but you could possible change my mind)

  2. This post is so thoughtful and powerful, terrifying and angering at the position you and your colleagues are in. I feel all of that. But also, I am absolutely struck by how incredibly beautiful you are, Livvy. Honestly breathtaking.

  3. Such a powerful photo and the questions you pose are so vitally important.
    Stay safe Livvy. Everything you, your colleagues and all the health care professionals around the world are doing is appreciated xx

  4. No Livvy I don’t think it is enough and that makes me both sad and fucking angry for you and all the other people who have been left to fight a battle with shitty protection.

    This is an incredibly powerful image though. You have highlighted perfectly the flimsiness of what you are being given perfectly. Your naked body somehow comes across as being stronger than what you are wearing.


  5. This is really sexy! I love the way it hides, but also exposes you. And I think that is sort of the point, that while it might seem like a protection, too much exposure is still possible!

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