Eroticon 2020: Virtual Meet and Greet…

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.

Anaïs Nin, The Diary of Anaïs Nin, Vol 1: 1931-1934

Oooh yay, it’s EROTICON time again!! This annual sex writing conference is one of my highlights of the year and I love love love it. It’s inspiring, it’s educational, it’s hot hot hot, and it’s so much fun.

This year is slightly different as I am one of the speakers – my talk on the language of anatomy used in erotica isn’t quite finished but I’m really pleased with it so far and can not wait to present it to you all!

An anatomical diagram of a vulva

So every year, Eroticon run a virtual meet and greet so that we can all know a bit about each other before we arrive at the first social on the Friday. Click here to see who else is coming!

NAME (and Twitter if you have one)

I’m Livvy and I blog as The Other Livvy. My twitter handle is @theotherlivvy

Tell us 3 things you are most looking forward to at Eroticon 2020

  1. Catching up with everyone! I have made so many friends in the sex blogging world who I don’t get to see often enough and I love this conference as a reason for everyone to get together and celebrate each other.
  2. Getting to be fully The Other Livvy! While the boundaries between my online life and my ‘real life’ have blurred over the years, there is something hugely liberating about being every part of me in public for a whole weekend!
  3. The inspiration! Blogging has had to take a backseat to much of the rest of my life recently but I know that I will still leave Eroticon with so many ideas and so much inspiration, and I cannot wait.

Sadly with a change of venue this year for the Friday night meet and greet we won’t be compiling a play list but I know that everyone enjoys that bit so…. What is a song that always makes you want to dance?

It’s perhaps a cliched answer that reveals my age but I still will always dance to Mr Brightside by the Killers

What is the best book you have read in the last 12 months?

It’s not sexy and more related to my RL job as a doctor but, without doubt, the best book that I have read in the last 12 months is ‘With The End In Mind’ by Kathryn Mannix. Written by a palliative care consultant, it is such a moving and inspiring book about the end of life and, although it is a difficult and emotional subject, I would strongly recommend it.

I also absolutely loved Sady Doyle’s ‘Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers,’ an angry feminist rant about how women are treated in movies and how the patriarchy can be seen in common movie tropes.

(I think I need to read more novels!)

As you sit writing this post what are three things you are grateful for?

  1. As I sit writing this post, I am grateful for Calpol!! My poor baby has been collecting infections at her new nursery over the last few weeks and Calpol has worked miracles.
  2. I’m grateful for EA, my husband. He’s generally wonderful and an incredible writer, but I’m particularly grateful for him now as we’re learning how to be parents together – it’s a challenge that I love but I know I couldn’t do without him
  3. And as a final choice, I’m grateful for croissants. There are too many real and serious things that I am grateful for to list them all so I’m going to pick something delicious and trivial instead!

What is your mobile (cellphone) wallpaper or home screen image?

My home screen is a picture of my little girl. She’s so smiley!

If someone gave you £5000 today which you were not allowed to save but had to spend within 24 hours what would you do with it?

We’ve recently moved house so I would be tempted to buy some super luxurious furniture – maybe following GOTN’s rules about only buying sofas that good for fucking. And holidays! Assuming they’re still going ahead, I’d love love love to go to Tokyo for the Olympics.

Complete the sentence:

I need… Bernard’s Watch! With that watch, I could stop time for a while when I run out of it and actually do so many of the things I don’t find time for – writing, reading, exercise…sleep. Oh, it would be wonderful!

A gif of the title page for Bernard’s watch

Can’t wait to see you all there!!

Eroticon 2020 Attending

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