The Best of February 2020…

‘Why does February feel like one big Tuesday?’
– Todd Stocker

January’s post was entirely words and February’s is largely pictures, thanks to the wonder than is FebPhotoFest!

So here are the best of what caught my eye this month…


Handstand by Focussed and Filthy

Oh. Oh my gosh. This is such an incredible photo! What a strong looking back; what a beautiful photo…

Mine by Honey

‘He wears knickers for me. Beautiful satin and lace ones. Ones that make me ache to feel his cock in. Ones that make me need to kiss the shape of him through them.’

This post is seriously hot! I literally gasped at some of the images that Honey’s words painted in my mind and, wow, I’ve been thinking about them a lot since then!

Tied up with string by Exposing 40

‘What I loved most that day was just how enthusiastic and into it everyone was. Nobody was worrying what they looked like or precious about posing with silly props, everyone just mucked in and got on with it.’

I really struggled to pick which of E40’s FebPhotoFest posts to share here as her month has been extraordinary! There are golf clubs and arses, cats and tits, and beautiful album cover recreations, but this post is not only a wonderful photo but E40’s words about friendship and the hilarity of creating all of her photos make this the one to celebrate!

Balloon by Kisungura

This is one of my favourite photos of the month – so colourful, so beautiful, so playful! I was sad to read that Kisungura is taking a step back from blogging and I hope to see her back again soon.

Day Nineteen by Little Switch Bitch

I really enjoyed all of LSB’s water photos from her themed FebPhotoFest week but there was something about the water on latex than meant I kept coming back to this one!

Just because I write about sex doesn’t mean I’m good in bed by Franki Cookney

‘So let me clarify. I’m not saying I’m not good in bed. I’m saying that knowing about sex does not automatically make someone good at doing it. If and when I have good sex, it’s not because of some special skill or expertise I possess, but because of what my partner and I have BOTH contributed.’

I loved this first issue of Franki’s new newsletter, on how no one is good at sex alone, and I’d strongly recommend you subscribe! Franki’s writing is always excellent.

If you don’t understand this simple thing, don’t have sex by Girl on the Net

‘As a fan of sex, what I really want to talk about is desire. Want. Lust. Need. Craving. But I can’t talk about all those cool things without also having to explain the basics of consent. Because some pricks still cannot drag themselves over this, the lowest possible bar. Consent! Fuck my life! It’s the most boring sexual basic! Consent is vital, of course, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t also dull.’

Oh my, angry GOTN is fabulous!! This is a brilliant rant about consent and how it is still, STILL, misunderstood.

Vanilla Ace Ace Baby by Violet Fawkes

‘I’m a bit of a sex glutton, myself. It’s hard to imagine a perpetually horny sex blogger being so into sex with an ace partner, but mostly his ace-ness just manifests as a neutral to low priority towards sex. He doesn’t dislike it or do it just for me, but sex is just not on his mind the way we think of cis men having sex on the brain at almost all times.’

I have gone back and read this one a few times since Violet posted it. Reading about other people’s relationships is always interesting and I often find a gem or two of reassurance hidden within them. Reading about how Violet and her husband make their relationship work despite having such different sex drives is full of exactly those kind of gems!


So that was February! Bring on March and the launch of EuphOff 2020…!

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