February 29th: Fill the frame…

‘That’s rule number one for a photographer, isn’t it? Fill your frame?’
David Cronenberg, Consumed

And that’s it for Feb Photo Fest 2020! What a brilliant month!!

I always love this blogging photography meme and there have been some ridiculously strong photos this year. Do click the button below and explore – there are some fabulous images to find!

My final photo also fulfils the Sinful Sunday prompt of ‘Fill the Frame’ – making the most of the Saturday sunlight streaming through the window.

Fill the frame

Click the kiss to see the other frame filling photos shared this week…

Sinful Sunday

And click the button to see the other photographers doing Feb Photo Fest this year. My photos from this year are here or check out previous years in the Feb Photo Fest category…

February Photofest

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