400 words…

‘We might do well to take a look at what we’ve crammed into our pockets as it will say much about what we’ve crammed into our hearts.’
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

This week is the 400th week of Marie Rebelle‘s wonderful Wicked Wednesday meme! To celebrate, I’ve written a short story that is exactly 400 words long!

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As I squeeze into the space on the bench next to his cousin, I suddenly remember what is in my pocket. There isn’t much room in this corner of the restaurant and as we crowd closer to talk over the thundering music, my thighs intermittently touch his and press the small, heavy item hurriedly thrust in my pocket against my leg. I hope he can’t feel it too. Still cold through the light fabric of my dress, its flared base and wide, slightly pointed tip are quite recognisable and a bit inappropriate for a family dinner…

400 words to describe this glass butt plug

Ridiculously, I remember how pleased I was to have spotted the glass butt plug on the sink as I got ready for the evening, it’s shiny surfaces catching my eye as I did my make-up. Can you imagine if we’d left it there for the babysitter to find? They may never have noticed but I’d rather not take the chance! Shoving it into my pocket as I juggled mascara and eyeliner, I made a mental note to put it back in our bedroom before we left…and promptly forgot all about it.

Except I couldn’t forget it now, and I couldn’t forget why it was in the bathroom and what we had done with it.

I take his cock into my mouth, his fingers curling into my hair to control me as he fucks my mouth until I am gasping. Later, I press the Doxy to my clit as his fingers caress my cunt and I come again and again. Then the plug. The glass plug, cold and slick with lube, pressed against my arse. Deeper and deeper, until it slips inside and I am full. But I’m not full, not yet. Not until his cock is in my cunt. Not until both my holes are full. And as his cock thrusts in and out, sliding past the plug, pressed against it from the inside, I feel myself falling apart. Pleasure from deep inside bubbles up and through me, and it’s overwhelming and it’s incredible and I push back against him as I want more and more and more…

Now this glass butt plug is in my pocket. I smile across the table at my love and wonder if I should tell him, how I could tell him. When I will tell him.

These memories are just too hot to keep to myself!

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4 thoughts on “400 words…

  1. mmm those are some hot memories, and how those memories can make you tingle all over again, longing back to those intimate moments!
    Thank you for linking to Wicked Wednesday this week, Livvy!

    Rebel xox

  2. Excellent idea for the prompt! I’ve often worried about leaving things out when guests are in the house. Or even my kid finding something I’ve left out on accident…even though he isn’t supposed to be in our bathroom. The struggle is real!

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