Smutathon 2019: Show me your love…

My heart is shielded
Behind glass and locked away.
Fuck me ‘til it breaks.

This is my final post from Smutathon 2019, posted originally on during our incredible writing challenge in aid of National Network of Abortion Funds.

It was written during my baby’s second nap, inspired by a piece of graffiti I had seen on a walk through Montreal. The graffiti inspired the haiku, which in turn inspired this micro-fiction!

We’re entering the last few days of fundraising for Smutathon so please do click through, read what we’ve written and read about this extraordinary charity, and consider donating if you can. Thank you!

Graffiti showing a heart inside a glass jar with a label ‘Fragile. In case of love, break glass.’

Some people make love like they might fall apart at any moment. Delicately, gently, slowly. Staring into each other’s eyes and rocking back and forth. They show their love through tenderness. It’s compassionate, it’s loving. It’s fucking boring.

That’s not how to show me your love.

Make love to me by fucking me harder. Understand that I need to be overwhelmed, overpowered, overawed. Push my face into the mattress and pull my hair. Hold me down and thrust into me as hard as you need. I want to taste your sweat, to feel your tension. I want struggle for breath, panting with exertion and feel my heart pounding against my ribcage. I want to fight and lose, trusting you enough to let you hurt me. Trusting you enough to know how far to push.

That’s how to show me your love. Fuck me ’til I break.

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