Satisfaction guaranteed: a sex toy review bonanza!

‘Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!’
Mae West

In late March, notoriously generous sex toy company, Satisfyer, sent out huge box of different sex toys to review. Including the ones I still hadn’t reviewed from their last delivery, this left me with EIGHT new toys to review. Whether the work is fun or not, this felt like a ton of work…

A pile of colourful sex toy boxes

So I outsourced! Keeping one for myself, I sent out seven vibrators to the lucky winners in my giveaway and, after a few weeks of testing, I am pleased to present their reviews to you!

Thank you to everyone who took part and who all sent their reviews so promptly. If I ever get sent a ridiculous amount of sex toys in the future, I am definitely doing this again!


YUMMY SUNSHINE by an anonymous reviewer

Firstly – who wouldn’t love something that’s bright yellow to make you feel good!? Getting it out of the packaging I couldn’t help but smile that the Yummy Sunshine appropriately fit its name!

It’s ergonomic shape meant it instantly felt good both in and out, fitting to the shape of the body in a way that touches you exactly where you can’t reach yourself! I personally don’t like hugely intense vibrations internally, but the range offered meant that I was able to find something that stimulated me perfectly! The alternating or slow building vibration versatility meant that it was perfect for either edging yourself closer to climax, or going straight for the kill!

I would say that the ‘silent mode’ is a bit of myth with this sounding a little like a lawn mower going to town between your legs – but if you have understanding flatmates, or a night to yourself it’s definitely a keeper!

The waterproof feature is also fantastic as who doesn’t like getting down and dirty when having some me time in a bath!?

Overall I would say this was a big hit from me! I don’t own many vibrators preferring myself to get myself off, but when wanting to treat myself – this is definitely what I’ll be reaching for!



The more I learn about myself, the more I realize I’ve spent too much time thinking something was wrong with me just because I wasn’t such a big fan of penetration as I was made to believe I should. When Livvy held her latest toy giveaway and let me choose a toy, I decided against my instinct and went for this beautiful new Magic Bunny vibrator by Satisfyer, knowing beforehand that I would perhaps need to make myself comfortable first with G-spot stimulation. Despite my initial concerns, and after being able to test it in a few different ways, I don’t regret my choice at all.

Once I took it out of the box I was surprised to feel how soft and nice it is. Even if it didn’t work for me, I had already decided that I would definitely use it, even just for external stimulation. Its shape is very comfortable and its girth feels perfect in my opinion – I felt full but it wasn’t overwhelming. Although I can definitely not cum with G-spot stimulation alone, the sensations are amazing due to its 2 power motors as well as the different programs it comes with (12!). The “bunny head” is soft and flexible, adding quite a natural feel against your clit, making it possible for the toy to adapt to your body as well as to provide the nice, powerful clit stimulation I definitely need to cum.

Rechargeable, waterproof, easy to hold and clean, the Magic Bunny has definitely surprised me for the best!


MISTER RABBIT by Veronica Vasquez

I received my Mr. Rabbit today and here is what i have to say…

The ability to have a vibrating device penetrating inside of me with a convenient handle to grab it properly while being able to adjust the vibrating settings with my thumb all while my hand is gripping the handle is hands down the best feature ever! Needless to say the attached device that rubs on my clit and vibrates on it while being penetrated is so satisfying. All of this still having a free hand to do as i please. I myself have pierced nipples so I’m able to play with my own breast and lightly tug on my nipples. You know it’s good vibrator when you are shedding tears from an amazing orgasm. ?

The magnetic usb makes it easy to charge not having to deal with batteries. This device is water proof so next stop will be testing it out in the shower ?



First up – The instructions. They are, well, not 100% clear. One picture each, that is it. No actual words or anything at all.

As a dude, I wasn’t quite sure just how this would work for me, so, naturally, I tried it out. (Hey, the instructions say it can be used on a guy, so I tried it). Surprise, surprise, it worked!

There are a lot of different settings, ranging from straight vibrations at a range of different speeds, plus a couple more where it runs through a preset series of speeds. I started with a basic middle of the road vibration speed, and it worked really well. It was not so effective when I was flaccid.

However, as I started getting erect, it started getting more effective and more pleasurable. High speeds and low speeds were not that effective. After playing with it for a while, I found the vibration that woked best for me. Your milage may vary. For me, too fast seemed almost numbing, while too slow really did nothing.

I tried it on three places. My shaft was the most sensitive and most effective. The balls and head were really not all that effective as a source of stimulation, but your milage may vary considerably.

And then I clicked to one of the settings that rotates through various vibration speeds, and, well, it was a lot of fun. I will definitely be keeping this toy in my own personal rotation of solo toys to play with.

Then I got a chance to use it with my wife. I started trying it on her nipples. There are three ways I tried this. The first was putting it straight down on the nipple with one of each of the petals. The next way I tried with was with the body of the vibrator, and the last way was with slipping the nipple between the edges of the petals. All three were effective with my wife. Like with me, the higher and lower settings were not that effective. The middle of the road settings, along with the variable speed was very, very effective.

The next place I tried it was on her vulva and clitoris. This is not something that is designed for insertion into the vagina, so I only used it on the outside. Use on the vulva and clitoris was not really that effective at all, or no more than any other style of vibrator that I have used on her. And, due to the petal-like nature, it was a bit harder to get oriented properly. (YMMV based on your particular vaginal/clitoral anatomy).

TL;DR – This is a highly effective vibrator, it just may take some playing with in order to figure out how it will be most effective for you.



I was sent the Satisyer Charming Smile to review by The Other Livvy and had mixed feelings as free sex toys are obviously great, but I tend to prefer clitoral stimulators over g-spot devices so I approached with some caution. The vibrator itself is white and sex toy lilac, with a squidgy handle, three soft touch buttons and comes with a handy USB charging lead.

The vibrator has multiple speed settings controlled by the soft touch buttons (one for on and off and one either side to cycle through the settings) and it is good that if you go one setting too far you can go back and do not have to cycle through the whole range. The vibrations on all settings are more buzzy than rumbly, even in all the different settings (which includes different intermittent speeds as well as different levels of vibration).

For me, as is often the case with this kind of vibrator, I mostly felt uncomfortably full while using it, so the Satisfyer Charming Smile has not won me over to G-Spot vibrators, but it is well-made and well-designed and may work for someone else.

(Read more from Siobhàn here and on Instagram @52shortpoems where she writes sex and love poetry)



We were kindly sent the hippo and have had a couple of plays with this, sorry we’re new to reviewing sex toys albeit not newbies to sex toys. My absolute favourite is the Satisfyer Pro 2 which I think gives me the perfect clitoral orgasms every time so I was looking forward to testing the hippo from the same brand. 

What’s in the box

The hippo vibrator, a USB charging cable that attaches to the hippo magnetically at the bottom, instructions on a folded piece of card. The box itself is functional and not exactly selling the hippo but does its job.


It’s a large soft silicone material with a hard plastic control end. The vibrator is made of flexible silicone. 

Size wise this is more on the large side in terms of what I prefer, there’s something scary about something on the bigger scale, I think I prefer average and from what discussion I’ve had with friends it’s more  common preference than I thought initially. What is more forgiving is the fact that the hippo is really quite flexible and bendy. There is a lot of give to the silicone material. 

Taking up some time with the colour which we both found a little ghastly but in fairness when in the throes of getting myself worked up, the colour of the toy doesn’t actually hinder an orgasm or two. 


The control end has 3 buttons. The middle one is the on/off button and the top and bottom along the control panel cycle up/down 12 Vibration settings of which there’s nothing particularly different. 

The hippo is quite girthy and intimidating for me although once I was warmed up and turned on watching my partners face light up as he helped me slowly glide it in certainly did it for me and most definitely for him. It’s quite an odd shape, the head of the hippo is quite pronounced and unless you’re like me who gets very aroused through g spot stimulation it maybe a bit uncomfortable for others. My g spot is how I cum most often, and if I do I usually get a bit more than wet and the hippo manages to really hit my spot. I especially came very hard with the continuous vibration setting in the head part of the hippo touching my spot.

 I’ve never been one for the stop start buzzing and I think that’s why the Satisfyer Pro 2 gives me the most intense orgasms as the pressure is constant on my clit and not stop start. This is how I like the hippo too continuous with quite a powerful thrum and buzz through the hippos head touching my g spot. This was better achieved playing with my partners help in getting it into the right spot so I could lay back and enjoy. I’m more of an all senses orgasms in that what turns my partner on really gets me off and see him light up as the hippo entered me really took my breath. 

Together we found that actually holding the hippo half vertical with only the hippos head in and the shaft vibrating on my clit and hood, gave me a different sensation and although pleasurable I wasn’t able to orgasm, I don’t think I can orgasm with a clitoral vibrator as mine is hyper sensitive and have only been able to do so with the suction of the pro 2.  It’s certainly something we may persevere with. 

The shaft is way too long for me and I could only get it about 5 inches in, I think it’s just the angle of the head that gets me and was a little uncomfortable. Maybe one day I’ll try and get in it further, or that plainly it does its job for me on my g spot and I don’t need the thrusting motion.

Settings, there are 12 options to cycle through and it can be a pain getting to the one that is right for you. Like I’ve said I enjoy the continuous setting and this is quite a few button presses. Hopefully manufacturers take the hint and consider less is more soon! 


As with most toys that I’ve used, cleaning is easy. There are a number of ridges that mean I did have to clean a bit more carefully. 


Thanks to Livvy for sending us this and we’d happily recommend for those that enjoy g spot stimulation as I do. The size is a bonus as I don’t tend to go for big but I certainly enjoy its shape. I would give this a 7 out of 10. 


  • PARTNER MULTIFUN 2 by Sarah Law
  • I was so thrilled to win the Multifun 2 from Livvy as I haven’t owned a sex toy in years after a terrible ex and so, with my new lovely boyfriend in toy, was beyond excited to try a mutually exclusive toy together.

    We’re in a long distance relationship and only manage to spend every two weekends together but as it’s high paced sexually and excited to try new things, we were mutually excited to try this out for the first time.

    The Multifun 2 is smooth, delicate, promises 14 different positions and easy to charge with its magnetic USB and so was ideal for those needing a sex toy easy to use and easy to clean.

    However, annoyingly, even after the arduous first 8 hour charge and subsequent top up charges, we couldn’t get it to work at all – the flashing red charging light even when stabilised just would not vibrate and it was such a shame.

    We tested it on various chargers, charging points, followed the safety instructions to the letter and alas – no reward.

    However, I’d still recommend couples giving this a go if it works correctly based on the touch, width and feel of the product itself as it *could* be a really fab find – subject to the vibration tempo, of course.

    (Follow Sarah on Twitter @sarahies or Instagram @sarahies26)


    MASTER by ME!

    I was both intimidated and impressed by this vibrator. For a start, it’s freaking massive with an insertable length of approximately 18cm (7 inch) and whopping 14cm (5.5 inch) girth. I wouldn’t really consider myself to be a size queen but with the right warm up and enough lube, it is really kind of wonderful. The silicone surface is soft and velvety, gliding easily over my skin, but the structure is flexible enough to be easy to insert but firm enough to feel substantial inside me. I definitely felt full and the head rubbed over my g-spot without too much adjustment in the angling.

    I’m unsure how I feel about internal vibrations, almost always needing added clitoral stimulation to actually come, but these were deliciously rumbly and felt really good! There are 12 vibration patterns but I prefer continuous stimulation so didn’t experiment long with them.

    I did prefer using this toy in partnered play. It really is much too long for me and I was only capable of comfortably inserting around half the length. This made it a bit unwieldy to manipulate myself, although the ring at the end did make it easier to grip when it was slick with lube. The buttons are logical and don’t need too much pressure to use. The buttons and harder plastic holding them do have a few ridges that need focussed cleaning but that’s my only real complaint.

    I preferred this as a dildo rather than vibrator but it is rumbly enough for me to enjoy. I like it and will definitely be using it again!


    And that’s it!! I hope these are helpful and you can find the vibe for you!

  • Satisfyer sent me these sex toys for free in exchange for honest reviews. The opinions are all those of the different reviewers.
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