Sinful Sunday: Peg…

‘when i write of you, my dear
i am holding you
in the most
Sanober Khan

The first weekend of the month is prompt week and May’s prompt is: outtake.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any outtakes that I wanted to share! I’ve either already used them in FebPhotoFest, deleted them as they’re an outtake for a reason or they’re so old that it felt disingenuous to publish them now.

Instead, here is a photo from earlier this year that I took as a tease during EA’s denial challenge but actually never publicly shared, and I don’t really know why. So not an outtake but a missed-take perhaps!

A close up photo of me wearing a leather harness and purple dildo as a strap on, with my hand gripping the shaft of the dildo

Click the link to see the other outtakes shared this week…

Sinful Sunday

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