EuphOff Guest Post: A Most Special Dinner…

I am SO happy to be hosting yet another EuphOff guest post! I am discovering so many new writers through this competition and it makes me so happy to be able to showcase this purposefully dubious talent!!

Madame Jussara is a Domme who enjoys writing and has a love for food, and she had written a really fantastic story…


Kitty waited in the gigantic luxurious bedroom with its color scheme of deep reds and satin sheets. Luciano had promised to show her the full extent of his chef skills tonight, she could smell various delicious aromas dancing in from the kitchen. She was desperately hungry, not so much her stomach but somewhere further down, deep inside her buzzed like a cicada during a sizzling summer.

Luciano, having finished his work, stood in front of the bedroom door naked except for a tiny apron which highlighted every single muscle group in his chiseled body. If Kitty were an artist he’d be the perfect anatomical reference figure, but alas, she could barely hold a pencil. He held a silver tray in front of his hips, dinner and two wine glasses.

Kitty still couldn’t believe her luck, she was as plain as a taco shell without fillings and yet this impossibly hot dark angel, a rich one at that, had fallen for her. Being a good girl had paid off after all.

Curious about the contents of the tray, Kitty motioned with a sexy finger for him to come closer. Luciano stalked forward like a panther eyeing his meal. She realised that the meat served on the plate with roast potatoes and carrots was in fact his love sausage covered with a dark glaze and a garnish of rosemary.

“Dinner is served” Luciano said, his voice full of pride.

“If this is the main course, I can’t wait to see what’s for desert” Kitty replied, licking her lips.

“Why don’t you suck it to find out?” Luciano flashed a smile as bright and fervent as hot magma.

“I’ll be excused from eating my vegetables this time…” Kitty purred hungrily, mouthing as much as she could of Luciano’s coq au vin.

Kitty sucked with all the might of a Dyson hoover, her warm tongue coaxing Luciano’s cream out of his eclair.

“Baby, I’m about to boil over, oh god!”

The taste of Luciano’s emission coupled with his gasps of delight were enough to make Kitty’s flowery temple moist.

She sipped on her glass of wine and poured the rest over herself, making her silky camisole cling to all her smooth curves. Luciano growled and picked up a roast potato from the dinner tray, dabbing it on the pools of wine on her belly before eating it and proceeding to suck the doughy mounds of her wine-soaked breasts. Kitty writhed under his hot breath and strong hands, it wasn’t long before she reached nirvana for the first time that night.

“You haven’t even touched your food yet” Kitty said breathlessly and opened her legs.

Luciano gazed hungrily at her succulent oyster. Kitty’s insatiable appetite for both erotic and culinarian delights were the reason he’d fallen in love with this ordinary beauty at first sight. He knew it would be a long night before either of them was fully satisfied and proceeded to savour the organic tastes of the woman below him.

This competition closes TOMORROW so there’s not much time left to send me your terrible and wonderful erotica. Send me your best and your worst before midnight on Sunday March 31st!

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