EuphOff Guest Post: Siren…

Yay for EuphOff guest posts! Once again, the fabulous @19syllables has written a terribly wonderful story and it is wonderful!


Her booty-calls are 999s, she pleads with him to come to her right now. She calls his phone and whispers the emergency across the digital night.

“I’m hot and I ache, and I need you”, she says, the fever of desperation shaking and cracking in her voice.

Always on call for her, he responds to her plight.  He jumps into his vehicle and speeds through the town. His cock hardens at the thought of her need, the dome of its purple head pulsing like an emergency light, her wantonness loud in his head like the wail of a siren.

Like a true first responder, he knows that every second counts. He hurries to the scene of her lust to examine and probe her; he must discover the exact nature of the emergency before he can give her the therapy she needs. Only when he has assessed and stabilised her will he administer himself to her in spoonfulls; some of it sweet, and some of it bitter, for he is the drug she needs for to quell her fever. The only antihistamine that can soothe her maddening itch.

At last she feels his healing hands upon her greedy flesh and she can relinquish herself to his care completely. She begs him to inject his healing serum deep into her body with his medical love sausage or quell the longing in her throat with his hot sperm gargle.

“Give me my medicine” she whimpers

If her lust is her disease, he is the prescription. She hopes she will never be cured.


There are a few days left to enter this competition -the best/worst story will win sex toys and erotica! The deadline is midnight on Sunday 31st March so get writing!!

And do get in touch if you’d like me to host you as a guest post – the more EuphOff the better!

One thought on “EuphOff Guest Post: Siren…

  1. Wow! Masterful – OTT and yet never too much! My favourite euphs:
    “he is the drug she needs for to quell her fever. The only antihistamine that can soothe her maddening itch”.

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