SEX TOY GIVEAWAY: are you quite Satisfyed?

‘When it’s all said and done, I hope to die with a smile on my face.’
Anthony Liccione

One of the undeniable bonuses of having a sex blog is that occasionally you’re given free stuff to review! I have been lucky enough to be given a number of toys to try that I might have otherwise hesitated to buy as I wasn’t sure they’d work for me – devastatingly there’s no ‘try before you buy’ option for sex toys!!

One of the more generous companies is Satisfyer. I have been sent many different iterations of their suction toys, which I love, and they have sent enough variations that they have also provided prizes for previous competitions run from this blog.

But I’m not that good at finding time to write reviews. It’s not what my blog is mainly about so review toys often end up in a to do pile of sorts for months before I write about them and, although the companies that provide the free items in exchange for a review are told this in advance and are happy to wait, I do wonder if there is another way…

…and then EA found one in his Big Fuck Toy Fiesta last year! In the last round of Satisfyer product launches, he received so many vulva toys that he gave them away to readers, tweeters and bloggers who don’t usually use or write about sex toys – in exchange for a review.

I love love love this idea!! It was acknowledged both at the sex toy tech panel and Coffee and Kink‘s brilliant talk on making money from reviews at Eroticon that sex toy reviewers look at toys differently – we know the differences between rumbly and buzzy vibrations, the benefits of different grades of silicone and perhaps judge too harshly a toy that fundamentally does its job pretty well – unless a toy is dangerous, toxic or faulty, all that really matters is whether or not it gets you off!

So when I received a HUGE box of new vibrators from Satisfyer that I will likely never get around to reviewing, I thought I’d steal EA’s idea and give the toys away to people who don’t usually write reviews. This not only spreads the wealth of free stuff, it also gives Satisfyer a more timely review from a new and unjaded audience.

A photo of a cardboard box filled with colourful boxes of vibrators

SOOO…are you interested in a free vibrator??

I have SEVEN vibrators to give away from Satisfyer’s newest range. All toys are made of high quality body-safe silicone and are rechargeable. They have all two motors to produce 12 different vibration patterns, except the Partner Multifun, which has 3 motors. Clicking each image links through to the Satisfyer website for more information:


A photo of the Power Flower vibrator

‘The vibrations of its fluttering petals will have your love bud trembling on the winds of desire’


A photo of the Magic Bunny vibrator

‘Its extra strong vibration simultaneously pampers your G-spot and your clitoris – and all without a safety net’


A photo of the Mister Rabbit vibrator

‘Its two power motors will provide you with double delight’


A photo of the Charming Smile vibrator

‘Thanks to its Silk Touch surface, you will be immediately seduced by its charms’

18.7cm or 7.4cm long


A photo of the Petting Hippo vibrator

‘The most powerful, yet sweetest, G-spot vibrator of all time’


A photo of the Yummy Sunshine vibrator

‘This bright, cheerful yellow G-spot power vibrator in 100% flexible silicone is bound to get the sun shining for you’


A photo of the Partner Multifun

‘More than 14 options for double the fun.’

(And I was also given the MASTER but I’m keeping this to review myself unless I can be persuaded otherwise…!)

A photo of the Master vibrator

If you’d like to review a vibe, either DM me on Twitter or email with your top three choices. I will randomly draw a winner for each toy, send it out and publish the reviews on this blog in a few weeks!


  • Open to aged 18+ only
  • Open to readers who do not have a sex blog or write toy reviews
  • Email ( or DM (@theotherlivvy) before midnight BST on March 31st 2019 to be considered. You must include an email address or Twitter handle so I can get in touch for postage details.
  • You can choose three options but can only win one – please rank your choices if you have a strong preference.
  • I will perform the random draw and inform the reviewers on April 1st, and post the toys before April 7th 2019.
  • I aim to publish the reviews on May 6th so will need to receive the reviews by midnight BST on May 5th 2019.
  • Reviews should be between 100-250 words and can be anonymous.
  • All toys are new and unopened with an intact hygiene seal when posted.

I am SO excited about this!!!

3 thoughts on “SEX TOY GIVEAWAY: are you quite Satisfyed?

  1. Power Flower
    Partner Multifunction
    Magic Bunny
    I’m 43 and my wife is 40. 90% of the time we have to use sex toys in order for her to reach orgasms. Unfortunately after giving birth to our first child her body needs additional stimulation to be able to get an orgasm.

  2. Whichever three- I usually don’t even use vibrators (prefer non vibrating sex toys) so I’d love to try these out. I’m debating trying a suction toy too.

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