February 1st: It begins…

‘Because we must begin somewhere, let us begin here’
Francis Paolo Quina

And so it begins…

Feb Photo Fest is one of my favourite parts of that blogging year – a month long challenge to post an erotic or sensual photo every day for the whole of February. I’ve taken part for three years now, and my photos can be found by checking out the FebPhotoFest category, and it is so much fun!! Also, do click the button at the end of each post to see the other photographers taking part – there is such a lot of talent and beauty and hotness waiting for you!

This year, I’ve decided to set a proper structure to my photos and will be following the letters of the alphabet, excluding the opening and closing posts. I hope it will force me to be a bit more creative and prompt some different ideas.

But for now, it’s day one and it’s Boob Day and this is just the beginning. I can’t wait…

An image of my breasts, standing almost directly facing the camera against a white tiled background

Click to see the rest of my Feb Photo Fest photos from this year, 2018 and 2017, and click the kiss below to follow the other photographers taking part…

February Photofest

AND it’s Boob Day so click the icon below to see what beautiful images have been shared this week…

8 thoughts on “February 1st: It begins…

  1. Ohh I did an alphabet one for my Christmas Advent one year, it was a big challenge but I loved it. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with


  2. Just lovely Livvy . . . such a wonderful way to start . . . and of course for a Boobday Friday.

    I’m so looking forward to clicking-in every day for your alphabetic imagery !!!

    Xxx – K

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