Sinful Sunday: 40/40…

‘I feel a great regard for trees; they represent age and beauty and the miracles of life and growth.’
Louise Dickinson Rich

Our photo for this week has been in the planning stages for so long that I worried that it might never happen! When Exposing 40 mentioned way back in the summer that she’d like to take some pregnancy photos for us, I completely jumped at the chance! I have always loved E40’s photography and, in particular, loved the outdoor photographs she has taken of herself, EA and others who are in their 40s for her extraordinary photography project!

But when we first talked about it, the idea of waiting until I was 40 weeks pregnant was more of a joke than a serious thought – I’d sort of fit with her 40 theme but December is likely much too cold and anyway I’ll be much too pregnant by then…

Sadly/luckily, too much other life stuff and bad weather got in the way and we weren’t able to find the time for the three of us to venture into the woods. It was looking like this might not happen at all!

And then the weather turned a ridiculously balmy 15 degrees and sunny…and the baby has decided to keep us waiting a bit longer before arriving…and we hadn’t made any plans in case there was a baby and E40 had a free morning…and everything just fell into place!

EA and I are sat naked on a large log in the woods, in profile and facing away

I am so happy with everything about the photos that we took this morning – from these Sinful Sunday worthy shots to others that are less anonymous that will make me happy for years and years to come! The photos are fabulous and commemorate a really special time in our lives when we are on the cusp of some huge life changes (so huge that I hope there won’t be a 41/40 post next weekend…!), but it was also just a wonderful walk in the woods on a beautiful morning with a couple of amazing people…

In this photo, I am leaning back against EA and he has his hand on my chest, looking down at me

I didn’t follow the prompt this week but do press the kiss to see that stunning and clever bokeh images shared this week…

Sinful Sunday

Also voting is still open for the UK Blog Awards and I’m thrilled to be nominated for the sex blogging category! Thank you if you’ve already voted but otherwise, click the image below to see the list of nominees and I’d love it if you could vote for me!!

22 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: 40/40…

  1. Wow! These are such beautiful images. I said last week I hoped there wouldn’t be a 40/40 image, but glad there is. Well done all of you xxx

  2. I agree. These are stunning and so lovely for you to have to commemorate such a special time. I really like the above one where you are both looking towards something, but the second one is so full of love and imtimacy. Gorgeous 🙂

  3. Such stunning and memorable images…nature, beauty, love…what could be better?!
    (just the news of baby’s arrival <3 )

  4. Wonderful images. You look lovely but the real beauty of these images is that they are of a loving couple. I’m glad I’m a selfish way that your baby decided to wait before entering the world. But I hope you deliver your bundle of joy soon and that it is an easy delivery. I hope you are both healthy and happy afterwards. All the best!

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