Sinful Sunday: 39/40…

‘Picture you upon my knee,
Just tea for two and two for tea’
Doris Day, Tea for Two

I like breakfast. It’s easily my favourite meal of the day! I think that’s because I only tend to eat breakfast properly when there’s time, when it’s the start of either a lazy day or at least a day with a slow enough start that we can take our time with, well, everything! It’s delicious…

So it’s no surprise that breakfast has featured in a few of my previous photos, showcasing croissants or perhaps a cup of tea!

But now it seems that I’m drinking tea for two at the moment and this is quite a balancing act…!

My naked 39 week pregnant torso with a tea cup that has ‘I love cock’ written in it balanced between my breasts

(Good Lord, my belly is massive right now!!)

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Sinful Sunday

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13 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: 39/40…

  1. I can’t eat breakfast, if I eat before about 11am it upsets my stomach for the whole rest of the day. As a result we often have breakfast foods for lunch or dinner because I love them I just can’t eat them in the morning. Oh and I LOVE cock too!


  2. Love the saying on your mug, it’s appropriate for the photo. Damn, that baby must be close now. Each week I look forward to seeing your photo, awaiting the news. This must be Sinful Sundays first baby.

  3. I never use to have breakfast but it’s the only thing that helped my morning sickness, Now I can’t manage the day without it. You are looking glorious in this late stage. Enjoy your rest.
    Missy x

  4. I have breakfast less now I’m not working. This is a beautiful photo, but for your sake I hope there aren’t too many more quite like this xx

  5. Oh I did giggle at the words on your mug. Your beautiful bump is just so wonderful to observe and it has been so lovely to see your pregnancy journey in the images you’ve shared. Wishing you all the best for you upcoming labour and for your new adventure for when baby has arrived x

  6. That is both a beautiful picture and hilarious at the same time. I have always thought pregnant women who take care of them themselves (not the cigarette smoking ones outside hospitals) look amazing. I don’t have a sexual fetish for pregnancy, it’s just an amazing concept that draws me in. AND then there’s the cup…. A pretty cup I thought that my elderly mum would like. ‘I like to cook’ my mind instantly translated. Then I looked closer and burst out laughing. I must get one for Missy to drink her tea from at school…..

  7. This reminds me so much of the one time my daughter kicked and my cup of tea spilled over me. Thankfully, not too hot and not too much was left! Lovely image, and only one week to go 🙂

    Rebel xox

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