Sinful Sunday: 28/40…

‘Happiness is a hot bath on a Sunday afternoon.’
A.D. Posey

(Technically this was a photo taken on a Saturday afternoon, but the principle still stands!)

As my belly continues to grow, I know that my size and sheer awkwardness is eventually going to limit what I can do and make some tasks impossible. I’m dreading no longer being able to cut my own toenails, I’m already missing being able to comfortably lie on my back for long periods or wear high heels.

One thing that I think I will be most sad about having to stop, if it becomes necessary, is sharing a hot bubbly bath with EA! It’s a sign that autumn is here – hockey season has started again so our Saturday routine of a hot soak when he gets back has also restarted. Whether to warm up after a cold or wet match or ease aching muscles after a hard slog or often just because it’s fun, I love this part of autumn and winter, and I love that our bath is big enough and deep enough for us to fit quite comfortably.

But for how much longer?

Because, as this shot from below that EA took as I was getting out of the bath shows, things are expanding at quite a pace…!

A black and white image of my 28 week pregnant body, seen from below as I stand up from the bath.

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Sinful Sunday

22 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: 28/40…

  1. Absolutely gorgeous, you are blooming! I remember eventually needing him to pull me out the bath when my bumps were big as I would get stuck! Fond memories, you provoke such fond memories and I thank you for that xx

  2. Awww, you make me feel so nostalgic the way you describe your autumnal routine. So beautiful and your body is incredible ???

  3. I had no idea that the line which appears is called the linea nigra until I saw your tweet, I didn’t know that cutting toenails became impossible until I read this post. I do know that you are looking ALL the sexy!

    O x

  4. Indeed they are and you look absolutely glorious. And if the baths have to stop for a bit it won’t be long before you can have a bath for 3. I used to bath with both my babies all the time. It is such a wonderful relaxing and bonding experience and if you have a partner there to help (and get in with you too) that is going to be even better


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