Sinful Sunday: 26/40…

‘You look somewhere else, then you see something different.’
Mehmet Murat ildan

I saw a tweet this week about early erotic statues of women. It was suggesting that the rounded, curvaceous shapes of this early art were because the artists were women looking down at their own bodies. This viewpoint provided a different perspective and, therefore, these different shapes.

I love this! What a celebration of our bodies; what an introspective and personal celebration.

Of course, I have been paying particularly close attention to my own body recently and the changes it’s going through, and I thought I would try photographing that same view from above.

A view from above, showing my naked cleavage and looking down between to my 26 week pregnant belly

And I like it! I like these curves – I like that my belly already obscures my feet entirely, I like the depth of my cleavage. And I like looking down on my body from this ‘new’ perspective with a new introspective mindset.

View from above, looking down on my cleavage, wearing a black dress

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12 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: 26/40…

  1. I have been following the statue story and find the new interpretation makes so much more sense.

    Your pics are lovely! 🙂

  2. Your body and current state are all that is beautiful in the world! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pics as your body changes and your tummy grows.

  3. I did not know that about these ancient statues. Being very short I always assume this is the view lots of people get of me, looking down into my cleavage


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