Smutathon 2018: Close…

‘The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close-up.’
Chuck Palahniuk

Smutathon 2018 has begun!!! This is a yearly fundraising event where sex bloggers and erotic writers gather to furiously write as much filth, smut and erotica that they can in 12 hours!

We’re raising money for Abortion Support Network, a charity chosen in honour of the recent “Repeal the 8th” campaign in the Republic of Ireland. ASN is an amazing organisation that supports people who need to travel from Ireland or the Isle of Man to England in order to access abortion. They, like us, believe that abortion should be free, safe and legal.

You can donate to this important charity here, and I have pledged to take a naked or erotic photo for every £250 we raise. Just 10 minutes into our allocated time and we’ve reached our first goal!

So here is your reward! I hope it’s the first of many…

An image of my left breast with the focus on the large nipple

Follow the fun and read all the posts from the various fabulous writers by checking out #Smutathon2018 or #SmutForChoice!

My own posts from this and last year are collected in the Smutathon category, and you can find out what is happening in Smutathon this year by clicking the image below…

The Smutathon badge showing a woman’s legs in fishnet tights bending over a chair

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