Sinful Sunday: 18/40…

18 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: 18/40…

  1. You always look so amazing. I love the different moods of these two. I love that you are documenting your body through your pregnancy. I’m a bit wistful that i don’t have anything like that from mine.

  2. They are both stunning but there is something about the sunlight one that draws me eye. The shadow curving round your belly is beautiful and the way the light is illuminating your pubic hair is lovely


  3. The words make me more thoughtful about what I’m seeing in these lovely images. It’s fascinating how the alternate lighting highlights different things – for example in the darker one your breasts seem more prominent! Wonderful compositions.

  4. Such lovely images and I love that you show us your body every week, as the little one grows inside you. I wish I had images of my pregnancies. The one where you are in the sunlight is a stunning image! Thank you for sharing.

    Rebel xox

  5. I am also drawn to the sunlit one but both images are gorgeous and I love that you are taking pictures of your body like this. You look gorgeous 🙂

  6. What a wonderful combination of the night and day. The contrast in feelings as when as the light is wonderful.
    Really highlights your fabulous figure.
    Missy x

  7. Gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the photos in the latter stages. When you get to the last week or two will you do one with your bump festooned with Christmas fairy lights? ?

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