Sinful Sunday: 14/40…

‘You can feel the distance. It carries a weight that’s heavier than anything.’
Katie Kacvinsky, Awaken

I was asked recently what part of my body had changed the most during this first trimester of pregnancy.

This was easy to answer – I was aware that my tits had changed almost before I took the pregnancy test. Tender, bigger and just so…dense! Luckily, the tenderness didn’t last long, but I’m not quite used to this new weight…

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Sinful Sunday

12 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: 14/40…

  1. My first wife knew she was pregnant within a week of conception (both times) because of her breasts. They became incredibly sensitive. Total changes were larger and darker areolas, more prominent nipples, and an overall increase in size. The size didn’t last, but the other changes stuck with her.
    You look fabulous!! Best of health during this pregnancy!!

  2. You look beautiful. I do remember the feeling of weight in my breasts too -unfortunately they didn’t stay that pregnant/feeding size. Great image ?

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Enhanced by the knowledge of the changes occurring due to your pregnancy. My boobs grew from an a cup to a d cup when I was pregnant!! They were constantly getting in my way, but I adored my body while I carrying my son. Wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy x

  4. Glorious breasts!
    I knew I was pregnant because I just wanted to put my hot breasts on anything cold! Glad they are feeling better for you.
    Missy x

  5. Pregnancy was the best thing that ever happened to my boobs. Before that I has completely flat nipples, when I got pregnant they started to change and then breast feeding really bought them out of their shell so to speak.


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