Sinful Sunday: 13/40…

‘I am not my body. My body is nothing without me.’
Tom Stoppard, Rock ‘n’ Roll

I have not taken many photos for Sinful Sunday recently. From posting most weekends, I have only shared four images since February Photo Fest, and this hasn’t been by accident.

I’m struggling with my body.

As you may have seen from Twitter, EA and I are expecting a baby. It’s so exciting and we are both so happy, but it has changed how I look at my body. Specifically, I’m struggling to feel sexy. My body is growing a baby and I can feel it. I’ve been nauseated, tired, bloated, worn out; my boobs are heavy and tender; my waist has thickened without any kind of bump definition…I don’t know that I even look that different yet but I feel different.

My body has a new purpose now. It’s growing a baby. And in all that hard work, I’ve lost what my body used to be for – pleasure!

So I want to photograph it; to take erotic and nude photos like I used to. I want to remind myself that my body isn’t that different (yet) and is still more than just a baby making machine…

Click the kiss to see the other photos shared this weekend…

Sinful Sunday

29 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: 13/40…

  1. That is a beautiful photo, and you’re going to love having a bump. Before that it’s so disappointing – nausea and utter exhaustion and nothing to show for it. But there’s nothing so beautiful as a pregnant woman. Embrace the goddess coming.

    And, and, as your womb swells, your orgasms also get bigger, and bigger, and bigger…!

  2. This is a beautiful image, you can see and feel your joy radiating fro you. It is challenging seeing and feeling your body change even before others can see anything. Hopefully you will begin to feel sexy again, you are much much more than a baby growing machine (though that is important too). xx

  3. I’m repeating what Vida just said, “embrace the Goddess”
    What a beautiful, moving and powerful post Livvy.
    X x

  4. It’s OK to step back for a while but I’m very glad you’re participating again. The body can be beautiful in many different ways – pregnant, posed with a partner, naked…you’ve nailed all three here.

    O x

  5. Wow congratulation to you both – and you look fucking amazing. When I was pregnant I thought I looked awful but now when i look back at the photos I actually look rather wonderful, and so do you here x

  6. This is an amazing image, the way you are held, his hand on your cunt, your beautiful body. You are beautiful, Livvy, and growing a baby in your body is so special. I really hope we will see more photos of you during your pregnancy, because first and foremost you are a sexy woman.

    Rebel xox

    1. You said it, sister. Saw this [gorgeous, gorgeous image, still more warm and lovely post] thanks to May earlier, and then it popped up on my WordPress feedywhatsit and my little fat heart gave a delighted wee skip all over again.

  7. This, I think is my most favourite image of you two <3 Such a special moment of embrace and honestly, once the sickness fades you'll love being pregnant. Your body is already, Liv – I hope we see more of you pregnant because like the others said you are goddess <3

  8. I’ve always found pregnant women to be beautiful! Over the years I’ve seen my own wife baked and pregnant as well as many pictures of other naked women. Honestly they are all beautiful, sexy and somehow complete! Their happiness radiates from the images! My congratulations to the two of you!! My assurances to you that you are still sexy! Still beautiful!! And still a wonderful partner!!! All the best!!

  9. Lovely image … and you will get back to feeling sexy – I had a wonderful erotic phase about month 4 when the sickness wore off, OH couldn’t keep up! And my friend had huge orgasms in pregnancy ! Later on I had great erotic dreams where the throbbing of cumming woke me up! So plenty going on … just different from before!

  10. Those first few weeks are definitely meh but after that I found that everything kinda flourished. My skin, my hair, and my sex drive. After my son was born that was when things took a bit of a dip for a couple of months but when I had my daughter I was horny again within about a week. So even in the same person two pregnancies can be very different.

    I really do hope you feel like sharing more pictures as the months go by. I remember a few years back Monika shared one of her pregnant belly on their old site before they were Godemiche and it was beautiful. It would be lovely to see lots more images like that which show that women can be sexual and pregnant/Mothers


  11. Everything about this photo is sexy as fuck. I can’t attest to the complicated feelings of growing a human inside, but I will say that you look incredible, and this picture – from the pose to the light to the colors to the playful intimacy it conveys – is fabulous. And also, a mega huge congratulations! xx

  12. Well I think you look glorious! Your nipples in particular look lush. This is a really sexy, voyeuristic pic, thanks for sharing.

    And congrats to you both!! ? ? ♥️

    PP x

  13. I had made seed your news, congratulations! You are far more than a baby making machine, even if at times you may not feel that way.

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