Sinful Sunday: Holiday Routine…

‘If we took a holiday
Took some time to celebrate
Just one day out of life
It would be, it would be so nice’
Madonna, Holiday

This month’s prompt is ‘Daily Routine’ but unfortunately (ha!), I am currently on my honeymoon so daily routines couldn’t be further from my mind. It is truly wonderful…

Instead, I’m sharing what is turning out to be a fabulous holiday routine – wherever EA and I travel, there is always an opportunity to take some outdoor photos – in New York and on the High Line; in Scotland by the sea, on rivers or in hotels; in the Tiergarten in Berlin…

So here is my beautiful husband, standing high up in the Andes – exactly how I wanted to spend my honeymoon! Long may this holiday routine continue!

Our holiday routine - public nakedness in beautiful places

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Sinful Sunday

12 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Holiday Routine…

  1. What a truly beautiful place and what an excellent way to enjoy the view. I’ve enjoyed travelling vicariously through your pictures and hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.


  2. This is a brilliant image – Really like how we can see the stream flowing through the mountainside and EA standing so bold 😉

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