Sinful Sunday: Blush…

‘And I will remember how we made the sun blush every morning.’
Malak El Halabi

Wrists bound and tied to hooks above my head; legs spread wide with instructions not to move; nipples grazing the cool wall in front of me. I am waiting.

His fingers play with my clit while he spanks me, the stinging blows from the paddle rippling through my skin.

‘Don’t come,’ he says. ‘Hold on as long as you can.’

And I try. I really try, but he’s toying with me and I’ve never been that good at self-denial!

Soon, I am pink and glowing.


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Sinful Sunday

19 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Blush…

  1. Sounds like fun! How fortunate to have someone to play with…
    I was eyeing off a silver vintage hairbrush at the antique shop today, would have been a nice addition to my solo Victoriana fantasy/cosplay. I settled for an old wooden shaving brush instead…


  2. That is beautiful
    Whether it’s someone else’s bottom and I’m the cause of the colour, or my own and I doing that uncomfortable twist to get a good view of the post session damage in the mirror, marks are wonderful.


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