Smutathon: Finger me…

‘Love is tears of joy, this is the baptism of fingers.’- Charles de Leusse

Touch me, stroke me, fill me with your fingers and fuck me!

We are sat on a mattress at the back of the room at this sex party, waiting for it all to get started. There’s usually a cabaret act first and it usually takes everyone a bit of time to warm up. There’s catching up to do and drinks to drink. Sex parties aren’t all about sex after all!

Except that they are for me. And there is a particularly sharp thrill from breaking the rules when you’re somewhere as permissive as a sex party. There’s an unwritten rule that play doesn’t start until after the cabaret act, but I’m fucking horny and I don’t want to wait.

Luckily, he doesn’t either and as we settle down on this mattress at the back of this room, he pulls up my skirt to touch me.

Gently at first, the pads of his fingertips brush against my folds. They’re already wet and swollen, and his touch already makes me shiver. Moving harder, he starts circling my clit. A burning warmth is building inside me and I push back against him, urging him deeper and harder.

Fingering like this is just the hottest. Simple but effective; it is the masturbation that I have done to myself for decades but done by someone who really turns me on, it is the subtlest form of sex I know and only the involuntary twitches and moans as he drives me closer to orgasm give us away.

And then he plunges his fingers inside me. Fuuuuck. Curling them to rub against my cunt from the inside as his thumb still agitates and delights my clit. I squeeze around his fingers as he moves them back and forth, and I grind down against his hand, forcing him to increase the pressure.

Fingerfucking really does provide the best of everything – penetration with dexterity, precision but power, bulk with delicacy… It’s no wonder than I come so quickly, flooding his hand and moaning out loud, destroying any pretence that we were simply enjoying the show.

Fingerfucking has a tendency to be grouped in with foreplay; a much overused term that suggests that it is somehow just a warm up act. That its main purpose is to prepare the way for other, more important sex.

I think that this misses the point. It misses how great this type of touch is in its own right. It misses how fucking hot it can be to have the right person touching you and coaxing you to orgasm with nothing but their fingers.

And with that you’ll have to excuse me, I’ll be in my bunk…

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4 thoughts on “Smutathon: Finger me…

  1. Finger fucking is definitely not foreplay, why it always gets lumped in there I do t know. Having said that I have issues with the term foreplay anyway!

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