The wedding dilemma…

‘I was like a chocolate in a box, looking well behaved and perfect in place, all the while harboring a secret center.’
Deb Caletti, Honey, Baby, Sweetheart

As soon as the week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt of ‘The Wedding’ was announced, I had this conversation with Exposing 40:

And I was tempted! With my wedding coming up, I have certainly been thinking about what’s important during our day and that definitely includes some sort of filthy quickie mid-afternoon. I’ve always assumed that that’s why it takes so long for the bride and groom to have all of their photos taken anyway!

But I realised that I don’t actually want to put these fantasies into words. I don’t want to write a filthy story about my own wedding or in fact any wedding as I will just project myself onto whatever ‘fictional’ wedding I write. As obvious as this might sound, it’s important to remember that I can’t predict the future! Anything that I write simply won’t come true as I’ve written it and I don’t want to limit any of the potential outcomes, particularly sexy hot ones, by documenting them in advance.

Instead, I thought I’d share a dilemma. It’s an important one and I have been thinking about it for a while.

What am I going to wear?

I’m not asking about the dress itself – that was sorted with suspicious ease! No, I am now dwelling on what to wear under the dress. What, if any, wedding underwear should I wear? The style of the dress means that a bra isn’t necessary but rather than limiting options, this just opens up so many other alternatives!

Should I plan for comfort? I could wear big, soft pants that won’t cut and chafe as I’m walking around. I want to feel beautiful and happy and free; should I risk uncomfortable knickers? I know that there is a huge market for novelty bridal pants, even personalised if I desire, but I’m not sure I want my arse to be branded in that particular way. This also feels like a missed opportunity for ridiculously elegant and extravagant underwear…

So how about sexy? A tiny delicate thong or intricate lacy pants. White, of course, to match my dress, although clearly not an expression of my virginity. I could wear something that looks beautiful when I lift my dress to show him what I’ve hidden beneath. Something new, maybe even something blue. I could purposefully pick underwear that I can feel when I move. Rather than aiming for invisible comfort, I could choose underwear that I cannot forget. Nothing harsh or actively uncomfortable; just a pull of silk across my skin or a subtle scratch of sequin. Something to make me smile when I walk; a constant reminder of the sexiness beneath my full dress.

And do I want to pair these sexy tiny lacy scraps of underwear with stockings? Ivory fishnets covering my tanned legs or cream-coloured seamed stockings stretching up from my satin shoes. My legs would feel as dressed up as I am, emphasised and enhanced by their fabric covering. But I have fallen in love with the idea of those ridiculous socks so that won’t do…

Maybe I should find something really special. A treat that is beautiful and hot and luxurious and just a little bit arousing. Could this be the chance to invest in a pearl thong? I am intrigued by the prospect, and that really would be a delicious secret between my soon-to-be husband and I! But it’s going to be a long day. Is it possible to stand and walk and dance and sit in a pearl thong? Sadly I suspect not.

Or do I take the simplest option and just not wear anything but a garter? Under the heavy skirt, there’s no chance of accidental exposure and there is something wickedly appealing about being knickerless at my own wedding. It may take some sleight of hand to keep it a secret when my sister-bridesmaids are helping me dress but I’m sure I can manage. Comfortable and practical, and would definitely make me feel sexy. But I’d have nothing beautiful I could keep; nothing that I could wear later in my life and remember just how good I felt on that day. I’d also have nothing to ball up and push into his mouth so he can taste how excited I am to marry him. Now that would be a missed opportunity!

It really is a very big decision…

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8 thoughts on “The wedding dilemma…

  1. “I’d also have nothing to ball up and push into his mouth so he can taste how excited I am to marry him.”

    Magnificent way to end this post! Still giggling. Anyway, I’m sure whichever option you choose it will be eternally memorable for you and your bethrothed (speaking from happy experience). Good excuse to buy something luxurious, although I’m amused by the idea of you stuffing a huge pair of granny pants into your hubby’s mouth…

    O x

  2. Ohhhh so many possible choices. I have to say I am big fan of no panties and that was my choice of undies when Michael and I got married but I can totally see the appeal of wearing something fabulously sexy. The pearl thing sounds wonderful but as you say possibly not ideal from a comfort point of view but what about some crotchless panties. I have a lovely pair from Ann Summer’s, they are black with pink ribbon lace up sides but maybe you can find them in white, the reason I suggest them, they are surprisingly comfortable….. I thought they might be irritating but they actually sit just right and feel rather fabulous and also make me feel wicked too. Oh and they would be ideal for a quick, hitch up your dress, quickie 😉


  3. Satin or lace! Gorgeous and sexy and perfect to be pulled to the side for that filthy quickie. That leaves the chance to use them in a beautifully filthy way when you indulge in more later.

  4. A wonderful dilemma indeed !!!
    I remember going completely without . . . save for a garter of course.
    And I’m sure he’ll find lots of things to indulge his mouth on !!!
    Have a wonderful, lovely, sexy and . . . most of all . . . fun day !!!
    Xxx – K

  5. As I started to read about your dilemma, I kept on repeating in my mind ‘go knickerless, go knickerless’, but I understand that it might not be the best option of you want to have something to keep for later. Damn, this really is an important decision. But I think Molly has the solution: crotchless knickers! I can’t wait to hear what you decided to wear… or not to wear 😉

    Rebel xox

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