Sinful Sunday: Corner…

‘There is a moon,
that rests in the quiet corners
of a lover’s lips.’
Sanober Khan, A Thousand Flamingos

Our spare bed is squeezed onto a mezzanine level, high up against the ceiling. This little space is oddly comfortable; cosy but not constricted, small but not squashed. I quite like it up there.

And the lights create amazing shadows…


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Sinful Sunday

20 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Corner…

  1. I love this but also dislike it so much.

    I love the image, bland in colour but bold in contrast and the very clear silhouette of a person. I really dislike the sadness it makes me feel, conjuring up feelings of isolation, depression, loneliness. I know you say it’s comfortable and nice but I still want to hug you non the less.

  2. I have spent ages trying to decide how honest to be in commenting on this image. It’s stunning in its beauty and the way that it uses the light. I’ve struggled with what to say as it is an almost perfect match of an image I have tried to draw several times of myself crouched in a corner, trying not to exist as a child. Like some others have said, this image is evocative of powerful emotions.

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