Ruby Glowing…

‘Do whatever makes your spirit glow out loud.’

Hands over her eyes, he pushed her forward into the kitchen, whispering all sorts of filth into her ears. Promises of what he had planned, how he was going to make her feel; talk of the surprise he had waiting. Turning her as they entered the room, he continued to shield her from whatever was waiting behind him.

‘Take off your clothes.’

She shivered at his curt command; a somewhat harder note that cut through the giggling joviality that had brought her into the room. She could feel his eyes on her as she wiggled out of her clothes. Once she was naked, he stepped back, revealing his secret with a reassuring grin.

He had set up the room differently. The soft sofa that lived in the corner had been pulled forward and there was a hard dining chair facing it. Sitting in the middle of the seat was a small pink saddle. A new toy; his surprise.

His smile was now coloured with lust as he urged her forward onto the chair and switched on the pink vibrator she was riding. With his eyes locked on her face, he scrolled through the settings, watching her reactions for just the right twitch or moan, and, once satisfied, settled himself in the chair opposite to watch her.

Under his observant gaze, she rocked back and forth on the saddle beneath her, exploring the different sensations of each part. Deep fluttery reverberations propagated from the mound pressing against her vulva, spreading up through her body like wide ripples on the water. The sharper, insistent vibrations from the ridged front part tingled her clit and this feeling intensified as she ground against it. A small shudder shook her as her body responded to the toy she was riding.

‘Do you like it? I am glad because I want to watch you come.’

They had played this game before, and already his eyes blazed with arousal as he watched. She felt her stomach twist in that hot rush of pride and lust that she always felt when she knew she was doing a good job and that he was pleased with her. Widening her legs to improve his view, she wriggled against the vibrating saddle, determined to give him a good show.

It wasn’t difficult. Her exhibitionist streak loved the chance to perform and her eager need to please pushed her onwards. Grinding down, she slowly circled her hips, changing the strength and position of the vibrations. She arched back, ran her fingers through her hair and stretched out so her whole body was on display for him. As she could ride the vibe hands-free, she was able to play with her nipples, twisting and pinching them while moaning at the sensations crashing through her skin. His answering groan reassured her that he was enjoying this as much as she was!

Soon a familiar aching tension began to fill her body; hardening and expanding, cracking as it threatened to break through the surface. Riding harder, panting and gasping at the continuous and insistent vibrations, pulling herself down onto the seat to intensify the feeling, it didn’t take long for her orgasm to peak, crashing over her as she cried out in delight.

Looking up, she felt a last thrill at his obvious pleasure in her enjoyment.

‘So do you like your surprise?’


I recently bought a We-Vibe 4 Plus. Perhaps unusually for a sex blogger, I don’t have many sex toys as I’m generally too lazy a wanker to use them. But I really wanted one of the remote control We-Vibes, and I wanted it because of this story by Haiku, who tweets as @19syllables.

Chatting to Haiku later, we realised that this could be a pretty great way to promote sex toys. If we used a sex toy and liked it and could weave it into erotica where the toy played a key and recognisable role then the chances are that you, as the reader, would remember it!

So now it’s time to come clean, as it were. This story is sponsored by Ruby Glow, the creation of the wonderful Tabitha Rayne and one of the fabulous Eroticon sponsors. They provided me this toy for free in exchange for a review and I was very happy to try it out and write one, particularly as the Ruby Glow is so intimately connected with erotica writing. Tabitha invented it after realising that she wanted a hands-free way to get off when writing, and the toy also comes with a free erotica e-book written by the Brit Babes. It seemed the perfect next toy for this erotica project!

The Ruby Glow is saddle shaped and designed to be ridden. It has a front, ribbed clitoral stimulator and a back vulval or perineal stimulator, each powered by a separate motor and each with ten speed settings, which creates a ridiculous number of possible variations. It is made of velvety body-safe silicone and is battery powered. It’s soft to touch and looks beautiful. The vibrations are harder when the toy is used on a firmer surface and it can be used as a handheld toy if preferred. Tabitha has made a video to tell you all about it herself!

I don’t have a sit-down job and generally find it easier to come lying down so I was initially concerned that the Ruby Glow wasn’t for me as it didn’t really fit in any of my regular sexual or masturbatory habits. But, like all great inventions, I quickly realised on using it that the Ruby Glow has created a niche of its own and satisfies that previously unrealised desire just wonderfully!

As described in my story, this is a great toy for exhibitionists and, oh wow, I enjoyed showing off while riding this toy! Seated, arching back on the chair, hands free to tease my nipples or grip the chair to push myself harder against the vibrating mounds, grinding down and hearing the squelch of my juices against the hard, plastic chair – a sound that wouldn’t usually be sexy but made it so clear to my watching partner how good it felt – and then coming in a twisting, blurred explosion while he watched. Fuck, it was incredible…

That said, it took me a while to get used to the new sensation of the Ruby Glow. The two vibrating regions are designed to fit either side of your pubic bone but it didn’t quite fit my body shape. Although not intrinsically a problem, it meant that I couldn’t feel the full strength of both parts at the same time, necessitating a rocking or grinding motion back and forth to press harder against one or the other. The motors themselves are pretty powerful and, against a hard surface, deliciously deep and rumbly, even through clothes. Trying it on a sofa and without the resonance of the furniture, the vibrations were much more superficial and not really enough for me to enjoy. I did like working through the variety of vibration options to find the best one for me – picking in the end a hard, steady clitoral vibration and a stuttering, intermittent perineal massage. The buttons to change pattern, however, were a little fiddly and stiff. I often pressed the wrong one and changed the wrong part, enjoying playing much more when I had found what I liked and didn’t need to change again. For me, it wouldn’t work as a toy where I constantly adjusted the speeds while wanking. Instead, I created variety through moving my body against the toy to change the intensity of the sensations.

I am pleased to say that I really liked the Ruby Glow. It’s beautiful and unique and exciting, and I know I will be using it again…


£39.99 at Rocks Off

The Ruby Glow is also available at other sex toy retailers, including Sh! Women, Knicker Rocker Glory and another Eroticon sponsor, Luke & Jack.

(Ooh, and Rocks Off are currently offering 30{f9264c1b08ec794f1cf6cd6d13ef8a87ec0de6a492dab0f81db5d3b37fb3799c} off for Easter until 30th April 2017! What more could you want?!)


17x6x6cm at largest dimensions

Dual independent motors with 10 functions
Velvet body safe silicone
Can be used through clothing
Requires 2x AAA batteries

Pleasure for the seated lady…

You can read more about the Ruby Glow on its website here and follow the people behind this vibe on Twitter: @TheRubyGlow, @TabithaErotica and @rockoffltd

Thank you to Tabitha Rayne and Rocks Off for giving me a Ruby Glow to review. All opinions are my own.

Annotated side profile taken from Ruby Glow website with permission and other images are my own.

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