EuphOff Guest Post: The Mechanic’s Promise…

I am super excited to host this utterly fabulous guest post from Haiku, who posts at @19syllables. Such a brilliant EuphOff entry!


I see you there, your curves calling me into the garage, your body newly waxed and buffed. I run my hands over your bumper, your headlights, feeling for the fastening so that I can spread you wide open. My fingers slip into your most intimate places, tweaking and fiddling. You’re dripping a little. I want you fine-tuned and purring for me baby, I want you so, so ready. I work you over, the full service, checking your flanges, greasing your nipples and draining your sump.

My hands and face are smeared with your lubrication, thick with the intoxicating, heady scent of you. The aroma is high-octane and makes me think of speed and my own manliness. I can’t hold back any longer.

I slip inside you, easing myself in in one deft, confident lunge. Entering you always feels like coming home, as if your plump, firm upholstery is bespoke for me, your welcoming hide moulding to my shape.

I flip the ignition and fire you up. Your low rumble is music to my ears; a pure purr of pleasure, but it’s not enough, this is just the beginning, I’m going to make you roar, I’m going to make you growl, I’m going to make you squeal as I push you to the very edges of your capability. I’m going to ride you hard.

And I ain’t never gonna let another man work on you.


Oh wow, wasn’t that wonderful??

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2 thoughts on “EuphOff Guest Post: The Mechanic’s Promise…

  1. That is really, really very enjoyable and well thought out. I like how the pure purr of pleasure is not enough.
    The moment where it actually grips like a cupped hand gently squeezing your bollocks.
    I felt it.
    Thank you.

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