Sinful Sunday: Gluttony…

17 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Gluttony…

  1. Oh my god – woman! You have shared such sexy images that I can barely breathe when I see them… but this?
    Woweeee *faints*
    Joyful abandon is my favourite sexy thing.
    You are stunning x x x

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  2. Cock shots are great, but your smile – pure, unadulterated joy – is the brilliance of this photo. There is so much to love about this picture; the composition, your breast squished against his leg, the coloring… but your radiant smile is by far the best part!


  3. A good facial Always makes me Smile, even giggle a bit too! Your smile is Incredible !! This entire image is so hot and sexy!!


  4. What’s not to like? Everything about this picture is sexy and gorgeous! His joyful cock, your taut nippple, and above all else, your radiant smile — everything shouting at once how great the moment!


  5. That is such a cheering and life-affirming photo! At least two people in this picture are radiantly happy!

    Great shot!


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