A courtyard in the summer breeze…

After posting a short but steamy story on Twitter this morning, Exhibit A also threw down a challenge…

Oh! Also, if anyone wants to write a ‘what happens next’ response to this OR rewrite it from the female POV, I’ll v happily link to it etc

…and I cannot resist a challenge!

So read his story, then read mine, and then write your own response. Are you the girl? Can you see her too? What can you see now?


He both loved and loathed Spring in equal measure. The weather was finally improving, but the office hadn’t yet caught up with the changing season and the heating was still blasting out like it was midwinter. He felt sticky and sweaty under his shirt, pulling at his collar to release the steam that felt like it was curling around his body. Despite this, everyone still had a proverbial spring in their step. The sun was shining and an infective energy seemed to fill the air as nature embraced the new season. There was a restlessness that pervaded everything; a primal fecundity that could not be avoided and made his heart race.

Or maybe he was just horny as fuck. It was difficult to tell.

Whichever, it was certainly distracting. And oppressive. He had had to move from his stifling cubicle into the spacious conference room on the pretence that he needed to spread out the documents he was reviewing across the large table; the space was a bonus but the light and privacy of this part of the office was the real draw. He could see out into the courtyard in front of the office, the mirrored windows protecting him from the glare and from snooping eyes, and the wide open views seemed to help him focus.


He wasn’t certain how much time exactly had passed when he next looked up and out of the large window in front of him. It seemed that the change of location had had the desired effect on his productivity, and it was already noon. The sun was now high above the office and the clear light was flooding the courtyard with warmth. It could almost be summer.

Gazing out for a moment, his eyes fell on a woman sat on a bench in front of him and he started, uncertain how she could have got there without him noticing. Although not close to the window, the bench was angled towards the building and she was sitting directly in his eye line. She was right looking at him but somehow still looking through him, and he had to remind himself that the mirrored windows prevented him from being seen. Staring back at her unchallenged and unobserved, he felt a sudden voyeuristic thrill at the chance of a distraction.

She seemed to glow in the sunlight. Her insubstantial sundress was wholly out of place surrounded by the severe office buildings that lined the courtyard, but he couldn’t think of her wearing anything else. She would have drowned in a suit or in the autumnal colours that still made up the bulk of the other fashion choices around him. She was like a summer sprite, escaping the clutches of winter early. He imagined that she would smell like summer too, buttery and warm like suncream with a salty edge from the sea. He imagined burying his face into her neck, inhaling her scent and losing himself in her. She was a women you would fall in love with at the first touch. She was a woman you could fall in love with at first sight. What was she doing here?

As if sensing his question, she began looking around her and her face broke into a smile as the doors of the adjacent building opened and a man strode out, clutching two packets of sandwiches and a bottle of water. Dropping down next to her, he lightly kissed her cheek and handed her a sandwich. Watching them, he felt a stab of envy at this stranger’s easy way with that beautiful woman. He couldn’t take his eyes off them as they chatted and ate their lunch. Starting to feel a little ashamed of his scrutiny and wondering if this was a sign that he should take his cousin up on the offer of a blind date with her friend, he rose to leave, heading back to the main office for his own lunch.

When suddenly everything changed. His heart caught in his throat at the realisation that he’d nearly missed it; he’d nearly left them behind.

She had stood up and was now sitting astride him, straddling his lap with her knees either side of his thighs. Her short dress was blowing up in the breeze and revealing flashes of cotton knickers. Lowering herself deeper into his lap, she seemed to fidget and grind herself down into him. Although only observing from this hidden place, he felt his own cock respond as if she was grinding against him. He moved closer to the window, closer to see what was happening, closer to her.

Her man had slid his hand up the back of her thighs and lifted the hem of her dress. Although there was no way that he could be seen behind the mirrored glass, he felt a connection with them as her man continued to expose her; seemingly showing her off for him. He was holding her arse up in the air, digging his fingers into her flesh. He pulled her knickers to one side, displaying her for anyone to see – for him to see.

His fingers pressed against the fabric of his suit trousers, toying with his cock that was straining hard against the waistband. He wished he had locked the door when he’d come into the room. He wished he could be certain no one would come in. With these illicit touches, he teased himself, just as he watched the man tease the woman. Neither of them were satisfied; neither had been given enough. Not yet anyway.

It was without doubt the hottest thing he had ever seen. This beautiful woman, trembling and exposed, was fighting against her lover, battling with him in some game that he didn’t understand. She must know someone might be able to see her, but she didn’t give in. And so he could watch her.

Whatever happened next, he could watch her…

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