Sinful Sunday: Recovery…

‘Of course it was painful, and there were times when, emotionally, I just wanted to chuck it all. But pain seems to be a precondition for this kind of sport…It’s precisely because of the pain, precisely because we want to overcome that pain, that we can get the feeling, through this process, of really being alive.’
Haruki Murakami, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

So Exhibit A and I ran a marathon today, and it was pretty tough! It wasn’t either of our first but, for me at least, it wasn’t any easier than last time. I’d trained better and I thought I was emotionally more prepared for the final 6 mile slog…but I’d forgotten how painful it was. I joked that I’d thought I might die around 22 miles last time but it didn’t seem like a joke when I was again limping around those last endless few miles, wondering why I’d put myself through it.

But now I remember. It’s because it feels kind of awesome! Yes I ache and yes I hurt, but I’m recovering fast and there’s a strange peace that comes with that recovery. We did a pretty incredible thing today and I’m ridiculously happy and proud and just plain satisfied. It is kind of awesome.

I wonder if I’ll forget the pain again. I wonder if I’ll ever want to do it again. I fear that I might…

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Sinful Sunday

15 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Recovery…

  1. I have utter envy. I wish I could experience that feeling. That knowing just how amazing, resilient and strong your body is. That pushing yourself to the limit and being so fucking proud of what you have done. You are awesome. He’s alright too. 😉 I hope you indulge in lots of pleasure as you recover.

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  2. Haha, your words made me think of childbirth actually. You do forget and then for find yourself doing it again…. yep, just like having a baby *laughs.

    Seriously though, go you! I am so happy for you. I ran my first 5K this year, not a marathon by a long way but still a huge achievement for me and I am complete awe of your achievement.


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  3. How wonderful you have my full admiration and envy in a way for the wonderful experience and feeling. And the photograph, I love the framing and the fact that you can sense the comfortable time


  4. A massive congratulations! It’s funny how when we finish something incredibly difficult and painful we think, “Never again,” but then over time as the pain fades and all that’s left is the memory of how good it felt to have accomplished that thing remains, you instead think, “Maybe it could be great to that again.” Also… is that a stripper pole?!


  5. Congratulations on the marathon! You are both amazing. And as for this photo, I absolutely love it. It’s terribly sweet and sexily domestic. I love the mirror frame in the image as well. Perfect all around.


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