Sinful Sunday: Indentations…

‘He lifts her breasts, which fit perfectly into his hands, though he knows this is no promise that he gets to keep them. A million things you can’t have will fit in a human hand.’
Barbara Kingsolver

I’m running a marathon in two weeks. I’ve been running a lot; miles and miles each week. And as much as I complain before each run, I love it. I love how it makes my body look and I love how running makes my body feel.

I look at the indentations that my trousers and sports bra make on my skin and it reminds me of how hard I’ve been working…and that I’ve earned how good that makes me feel!

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Sinful Sunday

0 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Indentations…

  1. Good luck with the Marathon. I have not been running much lately. It was starting to make my knees ache a bit to much so I have given them a break. I do love how it makes me feel though (apart from the knees)


  2. Oh that first photo makes me go all . . . weak at the knees . . . without running at all (though my heart is beating as though I had just run your marathon with you).
    Beautiful !!!
    Oh, and good luck with your marathon . . . perhaps you could share some from that day afterwards too !!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Bras are evil. I have marks cut into my skin for hours sometimes. Such a pain! I wish comfortable ones were more affordable! Besides all my moaning and groaning, I love this image. Stark and true.

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