Sinful Sunday: Bloch…

‘When a thing has been said and said well, have no scruple. Take it and copy it.’
Anatole France

This week is prompt week, and the prompt is ‘B.’ Last time the prompt was a letter, I chose to pay tribute to one of my favourite films, Easy A, so for ‘B’ I wanted to pay tribute to someone else – a photographer perhaps, particularly as this is a photography meme.

My immediate thought was to explore Guy Bourdin’s images again as I adore his photography…but I have posted my version of his photos before.

So I googled ‘famous erotic photography’ and discovered this list: ’10 Outstanding Artistic Nude Photographs.’  How convenient that one of the included artist’s name began with a ‘B.’ And even more wonderful that his photos are amazing!

So here is my tribute to Joël Bloch and thanks to Molly’s prompts for encouraging me to search for more and more ideas…

And press the lips below to see what other sinful, sexy ‘B’ photos have been shared this week…

Sinful Sunday

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  1. Oh Livvy you have absolutely excelled yourself with this. I think you homage to Bloch is absolutely brilliant. His work is superb, really beautiful, but like many artists he seems very focused on taking images of women who fit the standard ideal of a nude beauty. I would love to see him shot with some women of different shapes and sizes too. I love Sally Mann’s work, I have read a lot about her and I think she is very interesting artist. There are some on that list that are new to me though, so I am going to enjoy discovering more about them


  2. OK, this is spooky for three reasons:

    1) I thought about doing a Boudain shot but also did one last March
    2) I am planning on taking a shot of my friend who has just finished breast cancer treatment and was going to do it this weekend; I suggested to her using the same lighting as on my A prompt photo so it would have been virtually identical to this!
    3) I found this site when I was researching my guest post for oleander and have bookmarked a lot of the sites referenced in it!!

    Those three spooky things aside, awesome shot! Xxx

  3. This is stunning, Livvy! I love what you did with the prompt and am definitely going to be devouring that article later, but the photo you took is absolutely mesmerizing and stands on its own, Bloch ref or no.

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