Sinful Sunday: Bounce…

‘People think I’m crazy to put myself through such torture, though I would argue otherwise…Just ask any runner.’
Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner

This Thursday was the ‘Streak for Tigers‘ event at ZSL London Zoo, a truly hilarious opportunity to run naked (or with just body paint) around London Zoo to raise money for their tiger conservation projects.

So I did it. I ran, wearing only some tigers ears, and it was brilliant!

But I quickly discovered just how necessary sports bras really are…

Even as someone with relatively small breasts, the amount of bounce and jiggle was frankly ridiculous! Thank goodness I didn’t need to run far.

But, oh wow, I would definitely recommend this hysterical and fantastic event to anyone! Who doesn’t love tigers and public nudity?

Maybe it could be an opportunity for a big collaborative Sinful Sunday group photo in 2017?!

(This last photo isn’t mine – it’s an official photo from the event taken by Guy Bell but I love it so I’m adding it anyway! You can see his other photos of other streakers .)

And don’t forget to press the lips below to see the other photos shared this week…
Sinful Sunday

0 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Bounce…

  1. Oh my god I LOVE that last photo of you guys wearing nothing but your socks and sneakers! I agree with everyone else – your laughter is delightful and infectious. Glad you guys had so much fun. ROWR!

  2. I was absolutely kicking myself I didn’t book the day off work in time this year. I love doing this event and fingers crossed I’ll book the day early enough next year!

  3. This has me grinning from ear to ear. I saw your mention of the event on Twitter and at the time thought “gosh, I wonder if that event is hard on boobs?” so it made me smile when you mention it here. And the giggly video is absolutely delightful!! Totally adorable all the way around!

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