Sinful Sunday: Look up…

‘When I’m with you,
I feel exposed.
When I’m naked with you,
I feel clothed.
Kamand Kojouri

This week’s photo is not only inspired by the prompt ‘Shoot from below,’ it’s also inspired by a ridiculously hot gif that was shared on Twitter a few weeks ago:

I absolutely love this idea – looking respectable on the surface but hiding all kind of filthy secrets underneath. Wearing a skirt that is just long enough to hide the lacy stockings or fabric just heavy enough not to blow up in the wind. It’s pretty intoxicating.

But then again, revealing my secret is always even better…

Press the lips below to look up at the other wonderful views from below…

Sinful Sunday

0 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Look up…

  1. This is sooo fucking sexy. I prefer your version to the gif actually. I think it is something about the lines of the suspenders down your thighs which is just delicious


  2. Oh, Livvy – this is *so* sexy. I love the lace, your shadow, the way your hand is gripping your skirt, the subversion of the idea. Ungh.

  3. There is something filthy about wearing stocking or even nothing under a beautiful skirt, although after a recent incident I’m reluctant to dress that way for work anymore.

      1. No malfunction per say. I was getting into a colleagues car, hadn’t realised he was grabbing something off the seat so I didn’t break it as I sat down, causing me to sit on his hand. I yelped, he helped and after a few embarrassed moments he said ‘at least you were wearing underwear’….erm!!

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