Sinful Sunday: Time to change…

‘There is no doubt a new dress is a help under all circumstances.’
Noel Streatfeild, Ballet Shoes

I have an unnecessary number of dresses. They’re all essentially the same – patterned, with pockets, and often slightly shorter than is appropriate.

Sometimes I make a mistake, sometimes I pick the wrong one for my mood that day. Sometimes I have to change. And sometimes wearing a dress at all was the mistake…

Click the lips below to see the other sinful changes being made today…
Sinful Sunday

0 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Time to change…

  1. My favourite dresses are the ones I can wear without a bra…. and of course no panties just adds to that fabulous feeling


  2. Hot damn, Livvy. Hot. Damn. I feel like this post should have been titled Change of A Dress. (Puns are hot… right?)

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